How to Prepare a Speech in Effective Way

A good speech appears to be friendly or spontaneous. But how to prepare a speech? it requires a lot of planning and labor. The following factors should be considered for how to prepare a speech.

How to prepare a speech

1. Reason to deliver a speech: A speech generally has four (4) reasons, which are:

  1. To inform
  2. To convince
  3. To entertain
  4. To encourage.

A speaker must be aware of his reasons to deliver any speech.

2. Selection of topics: The speaker must select the topic considering three things in mind, which are-

  1. Knowledge
  2. Audience and
  3. Occasion

3. Audience analysis: Speaker must know about his audience. He should study his audience before and during the presentation.

To analyze the audience before the speech, the speaker should look for the size, sex, age, education, and knowledge of the audience. On the other hand, while analyzing during the presentation, he should consider the feedback i.e facial expressions, movements, and noises of the audience both analysis will make the speaker alert to provide a better speech.

4. Presentation of speech:

A. Speaker must have a plan to present his speech considering three (3) parts:

  • The beginning should create an interest in the audience.
  • The middle should contain discussion.
  • The conclusion should summaries the main points or actions to be taken.

B. The length of the speech must be dependent on the circumstances or the subject matter. A five-minute speech would be about 600 to 700 words; speech should not be lengthy to make the audience bored. Speaker must time his speech to make it pleasant.

C. Speaker must address properly i.e he must know who is to be addressed first and who are to be addressed next.

D. The language of a speech must be simple and direct and should be familiar to the listeners at the time of delivery.

E. The use of appropriate voice is a requirement for good speaking. A faulty voice affects the delivery of the speech. It should be avoided.

How to Prepare a Speech in Effective Way
How to Prepare a Speech

5. Personal appearance and gestures: The appearance of the speaker makes an impression in the mind of the audience. So, the speaker should dress properly which fits him to the occasion. Furthermore, the gestures or body movements of the speaker aid his speaking. The right movement adds value to the speech he communicates, e.g. Bow towards the audience shows honor and respect by the speaker.

6. Communication environment: All that surrounds the speaker bears significance to the audience.

For example, Venue of speech, decoration, lighting & background of a stage, and respective seating arrangement does have important to make a better communication environment.

The respective objects or elements of the environment give pre-idea regarding the nature and quality of speech to be delivered. So, it is a pre-requisite that the environment should be posh, decent, and well-decorated.

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