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Quotation letter is the most common and used letter in business organization. So, detail discussion about quotation letter with quotation letter definition and quotation letter sample / quotation letter format / quotation letter example / quotation letter template are given below.

Quotation letter definition

A quotation is a specific offer for sale. It is sent in response to an inquiry from a particular person or business house. Thus it is a reply message to an inquiry from potential buyer. A quotation includes details about the prices of specific goods selected, terms of payment and conditions of delivery, while writing such letter, seller should clearly state everything as inquired by the buyer. The letter must be written to the point with conciseness and complete tone. Seller must have intention to create goodwill through such letter which will establish business relation.

Whether the seller wants to impose any terms should be solicited by

Quotation Letter Sample

An inquiry letter written to a firm for price of mobile sets.

Help line communication
2nd line road, Bijoy Nagar, Dhaka-1100

1st August, 04

Sales Manager
Tele-Communication Ltd.
25, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212

Ref; An inquiry for price of Mobile sets

Dear Sir,

Would you kindly give us detailed information about the “Nokia 2100” mobile sets recently advertised by you in the “Daily Star.” we are impressed by the description of the respective mobile set as advertised by you and expected to purchase if terms and conditions are found to be suitable. Our annual requirement of such set is around twenty five thousand (25,000) pieces.

As we handle a large quantity of mobile sets each year, we hope and trust you will quote the most favorable prices and terms.

Yours faithfully

M. A. Karim
Purchase Manager,
Helpline Communication

Quotation Letter Sample

Quotation Letter Sample

A image of quotation letter sample given above from which one can get idea about structure of quotation letter sample.

Quotation Letter Format

Reply to the prior inquiry i.e. providing Quotation.

Tele Communication Ltd.
25, Gulshan Dhaka-1212

10th August, 04

Purchase Division
Help Line Communication
2nd Line Road, Bijoynagar

Ref: Terms and Quotations for Nokia “2100”

Dear Sir

Thank for yours inquiry of 1st August, 04. We are glad to enclose the following quotations of “Nokia-2100”.

Set               Model                 Battery            Price per Set      Warranty
Nokia             2100                  Hungry            5,000                 1 Year
Nokia             2100                  China              5,000                 1 Year
Nokia             2100                  Malaysia          5,000                 1 Year
Nokia             2100                  Hungry            5,000                 1 Year

Our normal trade discount is 15% for ten (10) days and 5% extra if order is made for more than 5,000 pieces at a time. We do supply to our customers’ door through our own care.

Our Mobile is originally imported with intact packing and we provide guarantee for our mobile set for three (3) years.

If you need any further details to meet your customer’s requirements, you should feel free to write to us.

Yours faithfully

Aslam Ahmed
Sales Manager,
Tele communication Ltd

Quotation Letter Example

From the previous letter you already received quotations and terms for “Nokia 2100” set but you need the terms and conditions to be more flexible as other Competitors are ready to provide, write a letter asking them to offer you the better one.

Help Line Communication
2nd Line road, Bijoy Nagar, Dhaka-1100

15th August, 04

Sales Manager
Tele-Communication Ltd.
25, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212

Ref; Asking for favorable terms.

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your letter of 10th August, 04 along with quotations and terms.

We are ready to accept the quotations as you provided but the terms of trade as you mentioned is still more than the other valued competitors offering in the market. It would be competitive and justifiable if you allow us 20% Trade Discount for fifteen (15) days. As we will order more than 5000 pieces at a time, you could be able to enjoy a better return on the basis of terms we mentioned above.

We need “Nokia 2100” on an urgent basis and hence we look forward to getting a prompt reply from you.

Yours faithfully

M.A. Karim
Purchase Manager,
Help Line Communication

Quotation Letter Template

Reply to the prior letter given in Example-3.

Tele-Communication Ltd
25, Gulshan, Dhaka-1212

25th Aug, 2004

Manager Purchase Division
Help Line Communication
2nd line Road, Bijoynagar

Ref: Reply to the letter dated 15th August 2004

Dear sir,

Many thanks for letter of 1st August, 2004. We really appreciate your interest in our merchandise “NOKIA 2100” and your expectation to order for them.

May we point out to you that our terms and conditions that were offered are the most competitive one in the current market scenario. Our product is up to the mark and can ensure a better and quality service than others. The so called terms and conditions for trade offered by us made in such a way which will leave us only a slight margin of profit.

However, we shall be pleased to allow you the 20% trade discount for fifteen (15) days if you can raise your order to 10,000 pieces at a time.

We are waiting for your confirmation and hope that we can keep our commitment by providing the quality goods in time.

Yours faithfully

Aslam Ahmed
Sales manager,
Tele communication Ltd.

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