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A circular letter is a written letter that is mainly used for business promotion. Here we provide some circular letter sample / circular letter format / circular letter example / circular letter template to make the topic circular letter very clear.

A circular Letter sample announcing the opening of a branch in a city

The Electronic World
2/6, Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212

Dear Customer,
We have come to your City
Do you wish to come to your home?Just within five years of being established, the Electronic World has made a name in the supply of anything and everything in electric domestic appliances. Having won the recognition of our customers in Chittagong for our goods and service, we have now opened a new outlet in your city, at the address given above.

The Electrical World is the largest trader of all types of electrical appliances for your home. It will be a pleasure to assist you in the purchase, fitting, and maintenance of your domestic electrical equipment. You will get specialized service from us in installing various electrical appliances at your home. Whatever you are planning to buy this month, you can make a choice from our wide selection of refrigerators, washing machines, blenders, ovens, toasters, mixers, grinders, TV, VCD, DVDs, air conditioners, etc.

We have different models and brands for the mentioned appliances. We hope our product will provide you with the” best service in the city. As we always look for the benefits and satisfaction of customers, you can enjoy credit services, guarantees, and warranties at our shop made for you.

You are most welcome to our showroom at the above-mentioned address. You will be glad each and every time when you will visit your shop: The Electronic World.

Yours cordially,

S. A Khan
Marketing Manager
The Electronic world.

Circular letter format announcing a change in premises of a business

Standard Chartered Bank

15th July 2022

Dear Valued customers,

From our old address on 35/1,

Dhanmondi Complex to Shopping Corner
I2 Corporation Road

In the last twenty-five (25) years we have grown with your patronage and cooperation-So much that our old premises became too small for us. Many a time it was so crowded in the bank that customers feel out of sorts.

Now you can feel it pleasant to bank on our new premises with more facilities made for you. Now we have ATM (Automated Teller Machine) services, credit card, services, call center facilities, and other new products for your satisfaction.

Our interior and exterior display is attractive and you will find comfort when you will be available to pass your valuable time for banking. A visit to a standard chartered Bank is a total experience with all sorts of modern Banking.

Remember, our Telephone number for Dhanmondi Branch remains the same i.e. 8612345-9. Call us for any type of query regarding your banking.

Make standard Chartered Bank a trusted banking Partner of Yours. Cordially Yours,

Mr. Junaid Mashroor
Branch Manager, Dhanmondi
Standard Chartered Bank.

A circular letter example announcing the development of a new machine

Dear Patron, we have for you some

It is so hot,

I can’t hold it

I am looking to forward this news to you as soon as possible.

Let me first tell you something about the past. As you know, with a view to expanding our line of products, we started to manufacture ‘Lexmart’ Printer. We had many problems to face because we always wanted to keep our reputation high in the market.

As the printer printed five papers in a minute, it raised questions from the aspect of modern technology. Now you can get printed 15 papers in a minute from our new machine ‘Lexmart-100’ which is designed and manufactured by us recently. Such a machine is now available in every shop selling computer accessories.

This is the hard work of our research and development (R & D) division whose technical concept has really created an impression in the world of technology. The new printer has an artistic look with the finest quality of output. Such a machine will play a vital role in the office as well as for personal use.

If you are planning to, buy a new printer, please visit is not usually followed by to, e.g.: I visited my mother on the weekend.”>do visit our showroom or our authorized outlets and justify your need for the performance of our new printer.

Yours sincerely
Printer’s World Ltd.
Circular Letter Sample
Circular Letter Sample

A circular letter template announcing a reduction in prices

Liberty Mart
Dealers of Exclusive Wear
5 Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1213

10th May 2020

Dear Customer,
We offer you Hazard Shirt ………………………………
Regular price Tk. 600 for only winter Tk. 300
That’s right ……………….. You can get Hazard Shirt at Half Price.

We have many other products to offer you at extraordinarily REDUCED PRICES. But when it begins on 15th May 2012. Why? First, it is the Tenth (10th) Anniversary of your store serving you with desire exists, but it is somewhat unusual. We suggest you use the verb want or the expression would like, e.g.: I would like to participate in your contest.”>full desire to satisfy you always.

Secondly, we have decided to make room for the new arrival.

To avoid the rush of customers, we have different timings for your shopping at a reduced price- 8 am to 10:30 am and 8:30 pm to 9.30 p.m. Delay may disappoint you as stocks are limited.

This offer is valid only up to 31st May, 12. So, HURRY UP and visit us with your family and get the pleasure of modern shopping at your famous shop: ‘Liberty Mart.’

Yours sincerely
Liberty Mart

A circular letter sample announcing a clearance sale

A Shop for Excellence

1st July, 22Dear customers,

We have the pleasure to announce to you a grand clearance sale of our stocks before the winter starting from 5th July, 04 in our every outlet. The offer covers many of your favorite items. We have various collections for Men, Women, and Children which are catchy.

There will be clearance sales up to 50% and for each 100 Tk. Purchase, you will be given a free coupon which may give you an opportunity to win attractive prizes. So, HURRY UP and don’t miss the opportunity as our exclusive offer will remain up to 15th July 2012.

We hope our handy collections will meet your satisfaction.

Yours faithfully
M. A. Hasan Marketing Manager,

A circular letter format announcing the opening of a new shop

Water Front View
Merchant of Exclusive Products
Monsoon Plaza, Dhaka

1st September 22

Dear Customer,
Welcome to our store.

We have the great pleasure to extend our cordial welcome to this store at the above address. The store will be declared open by Respectable. President of FBCCI on 2nd Sept, 22. You are requested to grace the occasion with your presence.

We take this opportunity to invite you to make this store your shopping center for any of your requirements in:

  1. Stationery
  2. Exclusive Gifts
  3. Ladies and Gents Wear
  4. Refrigerators
  5. Electrical Appliances
  6. Books-General, Schools College.
  7. Greeting Card
  8. Children’s Toy
  9. Household Appliances
  10. Cookers & Heaters
  11. Garden Equipment
  12. Building Accessories,
  13. Office Equipment.

You will find interest at all times and things different from please you every time you call. Adequate space and a smart environment will draw your interest to visit here with your family. We have amusements for your children while you shop and strong security to remove your wariness.

We are confident that a personal visit will certainly satisfy you with a smile. May we have the pleasure of meeting you soon?

Yours newly,
For Water Front View
Hossain Suvro
Marketing Manager

A circular letter sample announcing the admission of a partner

30/1, Mohakhali Road, Dhaka-1212

5th April, 22

Dear Patron,
You have made this possible

Your continuous patronage has helped us expand our business in Dhaka city. As you know we provide every facility of indoor sports, gym, Visual Studio, and manufacturing of exclusive Sportswear named “Gelato” to fulfill the demand of customers. We already have five (5) outlets in Dhaka and looking forward to inaugurating two (2) other outlets, in Dhaka.

This network needs for its administration an experienced Manager. We have the pleasure to inform you that we have admitted to our partnership, Mr. Saffat Reza. He is himself a good sportsman as well as a young entrepreneur. He has gained a very good knowledge of supervising, controlling, and promoting sales. We are sure that his admission to our business will be beneficial to all of you and to us.

We appreciated your co-operation in the past and trust that you will continue to favor us with your valued business.

Yours faithfully

S. M. Khan
Partner, sports zone
Mr. Saffat Reza will sign as


A Circular letter sample announcing the retirement of a p-u-trier

Distributors of Petroleum Product

5th May, 22

Dear Customer

As an active partner, Mr. Tafsir Ahmed of our firm has been quite familiar with a large number of customers. He has been working with us for the last fifteen (15) years. His Keen interest in the business and his pleasant relationship with you made him quite popular and helped the expansion of our business so that we are one of the leading distributors of petroleum products in Bangladesh. In the recent past, however, he has been suffering from various diseases which are too acute for which his family doctor suggested him to take complete rest. We feel sorry but wish him a peaceful life during his retirement period.

For your awareness to mention that during the continued absence of Mr. Tafsir Ahmed, his entire work will be looked after by his son, Mr. Tahrim Ahmed. He will be our Area Manager for Dhaka Zone and his presence will certainly fill the vacancy created by his father.

The firm will continue to do business under the same old name. We are confident that you will extend your patronage as always.

Yours very truly,
Kashmir Rahman
Mr. Tahrim Ahmed will sign as


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