Difference Between Informational Report and Analytical Report

Informational reports and analytical reports both have great importance in the business organization, but there was some difference between informational report and analytical report.

The following differences are available between informational and analytical reports:

Points of Diff.Informational ReportAnalytical Report
DefinitionThe report prepared from, the information gathered from the investigation is known as an informational report.The report prepared after analyzing the investigated information is known as an analytical report
Writing structureThe report writing structure is not followed here.Report writing structure is followed here, strictly.
SizeIt is comparatively, small in size.It is comparatively large in size with quantitative and qualitative analysis.
Personal opinionHere reporter doesn’t have the scope to add his opinion.Here reporter can add his opinion to the report.
RecommendationIn such a report, there is no recommendation from the reporter.A recommendation is essentially required here from the reporter.
Decision makingThe decision is not helpful Making because there is no recommendation in such a report.As there are analysis and recommendation that exists in such a report, executives can take the decision from such a report.
Experience The reporter may not require- vast to prepare such a report.The reporter must be experienced and efficient to draft such a report.
ConclusionThere is no conclusion in such a report.The conclusion is a part of such a report.
Bios and referenceIndex and book references are not used in such a report.Index and book references are added in such a report.
Difference Between Informational Report and Analytical Report

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