3 Most Important Difference Between Memo and Letter

Memos and letters both are used for internal communication to convey messages or information. They are the same in many cases but there is some difference between memo and letter which are on the following grounds:

Difference between memo and letter

Points of DifferenceMemoLetter
UseA memo is used internally within an organization moving upward, downward, or horizontally. It is never sent outside.Whereas letters are used both for internal and external communication It has also have large usage beyond the scope of an organization.
FormatA memo does not require a return address, salutation, or complimentary close. It uses: To, From, Date and Subject heading.A letter requires an inside address. Salutation and complimentary close.
ContentA memo can use technical jargon and abbreviations because their meaning is understood by the people within the organization.While communicating with external people through a letter, simple words are encouraged rather than jargon.
Difference between memo and letter
Difference Between Memo and Letter

Hope you find all differences between a memo and a letter, otherwise please feel free to comment below.

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