Difference of Government and Semi Government Letter

Both government letters and semi-government letters are most important for various purposes but there is some difference between government and semi-government letters.

The following Difference between Government and Semi-Government Letter are discussed below:

The difference between government and semi-government letter

Points of Difference Government Letter Semi-Government Letter
1. Definition The letter written by a government office or institution is called a govt. letter. The letter is written by semi-govt. the office is called a semi-government letter.
2. Purpose It is drafted to conduct government activities. It is drafted to exchange information on a semi-government Office or institution.
3. Subject matter Govt. information is the subject matter here. Various information on semi-official is the respective subject matter.
4. Language Traditional or hard and fast language is the tone of such a letter. Easy, simple, and flexible language is used in this letter.
5. Size Its size is small It is comparatively large.
6. Writing methods Government formalities are strictly maintained here. It is written by following a mixed method i.e formalities of both govt. and the semi-government office is maintained.
7. Salutation In maximum case, no salutation is used Salutation is used here
8. Complimentary close It is generally ignored here It is always used here.
Difference of Government and Semi Government Letter
Government and Semi-Government Letter

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