Introduction Letter Sample with its Definition and Importance

A letter that introduces a person to the receiver is known as a letter of introduction. In the business world, such a letter is widely used and very popular. The introduction letter sample format is given below:

Introduction letter sample

Suppose one of your local business friends wants to create a new business in Japan where you are popular. Introduce your local friend to your Indian business partner.


87 Motijheel, Dhaka-1000

2nd June 2021

Razu Ltd.
97 Kawranbajar,


It is my pleasure to introduce one of my close friends Mr. Zahid Hossain, owner of Management Associate (Pvt) Ltd. Dhaka wants to create new business relations with various traders in Tokyo.

As he is an unknown person there, he requires full co-operation to create his business chain. As you are a famous business house in Tokyo, we can hardly remember others, but you.

So, we earnestly request you to provide all support to him as he will require during his travel. We can assure you regarding his honesty, reliability, and faithfulness: We are ready to extend similar support at any time if you need it.

Yours faithfully,
T. R. Hossain
Kazi Associate (Pvt) Ltd

In this introduction letter sample, you can use your every introduction purpose.

introduction letter sample
introduction letter sample

Introduction letter Definition

A person is not a jack of all trades, he has limitations. For, this reason he cannot create business relationships with all. But to expand business he requires communication. In this connection, the letter of introduction plays a vital role.

Such a letter helps introduce the bearer of such a letter to the receiver who is unknown or a stranger to the bearer. As a result business relation grows and expands between the two people.

For example, A is a popular businessman in Dhaka, but he has no business in Chittagong. Does he know B who is a small trader in Chittagong?

A requests B to introduce himself (A) to the various traders in Chittagong. B writes a letter introducing A to introduce the various traders. Here, A gets the opportunity to develop business in Chittagong.

Importance of letter of introduction in business

In modern-day, business is increasing beyond the territory and therefore businessmen require communication with other traders, manufacturers, or industrialists.

But due to various limitations, it is usual that there is a lack of relationship between them. So, to create a good relationship, a businessman requires the favor of other businessmen to be introduced to the environment he desires. A letter of introduction is the key to serving such a purpose.

The writer of such a letter introduces the bearer in terms of his ability, prudence, character, and goodwill. Through such an introduction, the bearer gets the scope to create a business in the new area and can enjoy various financial and non-financial support.

It is not only the bearer but the introducer who may also be benefited. So, everyone within the communication chain gets direct or indirect benefits.

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