5 Lateral / Horizontal Communication Definition with Example

Horizontal communication definition will be described here. Horizontal communication occurs between workers at generally equal levels in an organization. Under this communication, information flows between persons of equal status in the organization.

Communication between departments or people on the same level in the managerial hierarchy of an organization can be defined as horizontal or lateral communication. See also effective communication definition

Horizontal communication definition according to various scholars as follows:

Horizontal Communication Definition

Horizontal communication definition according to Bartol and Martin “Horizontal communication is lateral or diagonal message exchange either within work-unit boundaries, involving peers who report to the same supervisor or across-work unit boundaries, involving individuals who report to different supervisors.”

R.W Griffin said about horizontal communication “Horizontal Communication is the Communication that flows laterally within the organization: It involves colleagues and peers at the same level of organization and may involve individuals from several different organizational units.”

According to David. H. Molt horizontal communication definition is “Horizontal Communication is the process of exchanging information between peers at any organizational level usually to co-ordinate activities.”

Willam A. Conboy said “Horizontal communication is the exchanges between and among agencies and personnel on the same level of the organization chart.”

Boree and his associates said that “Horizontal Communication is the flow of information across departmental boundaries either laterally or diagonally”

Graphical: The graphical presentation of horizontal communication is as follows:

Horizontal Communication Definition
The horizontal flow of communication

Example of horizontal communication

If the sales manager communicates with the human resources manager or purchase manager and the like then it is horizontal communication.

Let us give an example as follows through a letter of requisition where sales manager 15 asking for human resources to the manager of the human resources department.

Tanni Textiles Ltd.
24 Motijheel, Dhaka-1000. 1st March 2004

Human Resources Department.

Sub: A request for skilled salesmen.

Dear Sir,

We are going to increase our sales in the Dhaka region in the coming month. Now we need 50 skilled salesmen to serve our purpose.

I would appreciate it if you take all steps to appoint the mentioned salesmen. Truly yours,

Md. Suvro Khan
Sales Manager

Major types of information flowing through horizontal communication are:

  1. Information regarding coordination of activities across the various parts of an organization.
  2. Information about work activities at the same level.
  3. Information regarding colleagues feeling on work and work-related issues.

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