2 Most Important Purpose of a Business Letter

The business letter is the essential medium of written communication. There are many purposes of a business letter which are described below

Purpose of a Business Letter

A letter serves two purposes

  1. Primary Purpose of a business letter
  2. Secondary Purpose of a business letter

The primary purpose of a business letter

A letter may have its primary purpose to:

  • Inform
  • Instruct
  • Request
  • Remit
  • Advise
  • Question
  • Enquire Order
  • Correct

Secondary Purpose of a business letter

1. Get and hold the attention

Catching and keeping the attention of your reader is essential to getting action. A letter must begin in such a way that makes appeals to the reader. The very first sentence must get and hold attention, capture interest, and make the reader want to continue reading.

2. State the matter clearly and concisely

Most business people are busy and have little time to waste getting the meaning of a letter. They may not go through lengthy paragraphs to clear exact information. So, a letter must include the message clearly and concisely to achieve the desired results.

3. Establish confidence and get action

To gain the confidence of the reader, a writer must show interest in the reader and his needs and states the message in the appropriate tone. This will make people respond positively i.e. the desired action can be achieved.

Purpose of a Business Letter
Purpose of a Business Letter

A flowchart is given above about the purpose of business a letter which gives you a glance idea of the purpose of the business letter. To see a large click on the image.

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