When the Use of Oral Communication Becomes More Effective

Oral communication is effective most of the time. But there is some moment when the use of oral communication becomes more effective which is described below:

When the Use of Oral Communication Becomes More Effective

Under the following circumstances, oral communication plays a more effective role than written communication.

When the Use of Oral Communication Becomes More Effective
When the Use of Oral Communication Becomes More Effective

1. Immediate response: For effective communication, feedback is a must. If any response needs to be known immediately, it can be done better through oral communication.

2. Oral explanation: If any instruction or method of doing a work needs more discussion, oral communication will be the best to serve the purpose.

3. Secrecy: In the case of oral communication, the contents of the message can be kept confined between the sender and the receiver of the message. Except for these two persons, no one can’t knew the message. Moreover, the oral communication messages are not kept in record, so no problem of losing any message.

4. Illiterate Receiver: If receivers are illiterate, where written communication is totally unfit for such receivers. In that case, oral communication is the best way to inform the receiver.

5. Value of Time: If sufficient time is not available to exchange a message, oral communication can be the best solution to exchange messages between the communicator and the communicatee.

6. Avoiding Delay: Wastage of time in communication makes the situation out of reach. Their oral communication requires less time than another communication process, so it is better to take resort to such communication.

7. Direct Relations: When a communicator wishes to contact directly with the communicate, in that case, oral communication is more helpful.

8. Easy understanding: When it is needed to make understand others about the company’s policy and guidelines then oral media is the easiest way to make things clear.

9. Developing Relation: Oral communication is one of the best methods to improve personal or social relations. Without any formalities, both the sender and receiver can share their, ideas or opinions, and many more.

10. Large gathering: To convey any message or information in a large gathering, oral communication is the most effective medium to reach the audience.

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