Business terms Glossary used in Business Communication

We provide here some business terms glossary which is related to all business terms but mainly this? business terms glossary used in Business Communication.


Business terms Glossary (E)

It stands for electronic commerce, which is a process of the purchase and sale of goods and services online. Because of the- internal facilities, persons now residing at” home, can choose any product, buy it and pay for it based on this system (online) i.e., buying and selling are done electronically.

The basic difference between e-commerce and commerce is that transport cost is totally ignored in the case of e-?commerce. It is the latest technological development in the field of commerce. The main methods of e-commerce are also prevalent. Three types of commerce are:

  1. Business to business (b2b)
  2. Business to commerce (b2c)
  3. Consumers to consumers (c2c).

Economic Crisis
It refers to the downward turning point in the prosperity of a country. It is a breakdown in industrial or financial situations. This breakdown may be caused by war, the threat of war, crop failure .and other disasters or by the inevitable after-effect of some exaggerated boom period.

Electronic Database
An electronic database (or simply a database) is a- collection of information stored electronically. It is a computer searchable collection of information on general subject areas such as business, education, or psychology.

These databases are more current than, printed databases. Electronic databases are Very fast. You can collect more data electronically in s short span of time (say an hour) than would be possible in a whole day of traditional library research.

Databases can be of three types-bibliographic, numeric, and full text. Full-text databases containing the complete contents of information are available either as on? line or as CD-ROM databases,

It refers to an order issued by a government preventing the arrival or departure of a ship, or restricting the import or export of specified goods. Such prohibitions are generally enforced by belligerent states in times of war.

Endorsement (or Endorsement)
An endorsement is an act of authorizing another person to receive payment of a negotiable instrument. The endorsement is made by writing one’s name on the back of the instrument. This may be done by the payee or every subsequent holder of the instrument.

Entrepot (or Transhipment) Trade
It is a trade of transshipment. In this trade, goods are imported for the purpose of re-exporting them to some other country so that the country or the place of first import acts as an intermediary.

An entrepreneur is a person who initiates, organizes, and conducts business, especially one involving financial risk.

Exchange Control
This is a system in which all the foreign currencies earned on account of exports or services rendered to foreigners are credited to the central bank of the country and these funds can be utilized in particular ways prescribed by the government.

Excise Duty
It is an inland tax imposed on those products, ‘ which are produced and consumed in the country. Its purpose is to collect revenue. But sometimes it is imposed to counterbalance the import duty on the same kind of goods coming from abroad.

The term is used in the price quotation of goods. If the price is quoted to ex-warehouse it indicates that the buyer has to pay the transportation costs from the warehouse where goods are stored.


Business terms Glossary (F)

Face Value
The value as appeared on the face of the security is called face value.

A factor is an agent who is appointed to sell goods having possession and control of the goods in his care. He receives some remuneration known as a commission for discharging his service.

Fatka Bazar
Fatka Bazar is an organized market where transactions are carried on for future delivery and for future payment.

Firm Offer
It is a kind of proposal, which is sure to hold firm and performed by the offer provider on the terms and conditions suggested by him. The offer may be given by any intending buyer or a seller of goods. The offer provider must fulfill his obligation, he cannot refuse it.

Floating (or Unfunded) Debt
These are the loans borrowed by a trader to meet temporarily the requirements of current business and are payable within a short period of time (say a year).

Floating Charge
It is a charge given by a company to a creditor giving a loan on the condition that the lender will have charges for overall assets. The possession of the property is retained by the company.

Floor Price
It is the minimum price of a commodity determined by the government. A floor price is determined to save the interests of producers of raw materials.

Foreign Exchange
It is the mechanism or the ways and means through which the payments of international trade are conducted. The rates of exchange are the prices of the various national currencies in terms of other national currencies.

It is the action of having something taken away as a result of, or as punishment for, doing something wrong. For doing such a wrong or illegal act, a person loses title to his property.

Forgery is the fraudulent making or altering of a written or printed document to the prejudice of another man’s right. This is done with the intention of deceiving anybody to that person’s detriment.

Forward Exchange
It is the contract of purchase or sale of foreign currency for delivery at a future date at a price agreed upon at the time of arranging for the purchase or sale. By this operation, the buyer or seller is protected from any adverse fluctuations in the rate of exchange between the date of the forward contract and the date of delivery.

Forwarding Agents
Persons who are” employed to collect, deliver, and otherwise forward goods on behalf of others are called forwarding agents. With the expansion of, business, many manufacturers take recourse to middlemen (forwarding agents) who would? relieve the manufacturers from the troubles of collecting, goods from suppliers, and delivering goods to the destination.

Franco means free delivery. When a franco price is quoted, it includes the price of goods and all sorts of expenses incurred for the delivery of the same from the seller’s warehouse to the buyer’s warehouse.

Free Alongside Ship
When a price is quoted free alongside the ship, it means that the price includes free delivery of the goods alongside the ship/named by the buyer who will bear the cost of loading them on a ship.

Free Port
It is a port where no export or import duty is levied.

Frictional Unemployment
It signifies unemployment that arises out of the working forces not being completely interchangeable or mobile so that in spite of having unsatisfied demand for manpower, the-unemployed men are not the right sort or not in the right place to meet the demand.


Business terms Glossary (G)

Gambling signifies operations undertaken blindly and ignorantly by speculators in the hope that they will reap rich rewards there. from. The transactions dealt in include deliberate manipulations of the market. The term is especially applicable in the securities market where shares and stocks are dealt in.

Garnishee Order
It is an order given by a court instructing a person not to pay the debt, which he owes to his creditors. A person receiving such an order from the court is called a garnishee.

Business terms Glossary used in Business Communication

Global Corporation
Global corporations in a sense are multinational corporations having many units operating, in overseas countries. Its difference from multinational corporations is that global corporation’s units operating in overseas markets do not usually have autonomy as the MNCs units.

Instead, the operations of the global corporation’s units are controlled by the home office. These companies operate much like domestic companies except that they view the whole world as their marketplace.

It refers to a situation when more goods are available in the market than they can be sold at an economic price.

Goodwill is the good name of any business, which arises from the reputation, connection, or other advantages possessed by the company. This intangible asset enables an organization to earn profits greater than the return normally expected on the capital invested intangible assets.

Guaranteed Stock
It is a stock on which interest is guaranteed either by the government or any authority other than the issuing authority.

Guilt-Edged Securities
These are the stocks on which interest is absolutely safe. From the point of view of investment, these will never be unsecured.


Business terms Glossary (H)

There are two main parts of the computer. Hardware is one of them. Computer hardware is the electronic part of the computer. In either word, it may be said that it i$ machinery, which is made up of electronic devices and circuits.

This machinery stores and manipulates symbols (data) under the direction of computer software. Because hardware operates electronically, it executes programs very quickly as well as accurately.

Hedging denotes protecting or insuring. The operations and dealings undertaken by manufacturers, merchants, or speculators to insure themselves against future fluctuations in prices are known as hedging.

Hire Purchase System
It refers to a system of purchase in which the purchase price is paid in periodical installments. All money being paid till the final installment is regarded as payment for hire. The goods become the property of the buyer only when all the installments are paid.

Holder in Due Course
He is a person who has acquired a negotiable instrument before it is overdue, in good faith without knowledge of any defect of title of the previous holder and for valuable consideration.

A hundi is a negotiable instrument written in any oriental language. It is almost like bills of exchange in form and substance. But the Negotiable Instrument Act generally does not apply to this instrument. This is governed by local customs or trade.


Business terms Glossary (I)

Imprest System
It is a method of maintaining petty cash. Under the system, a fixed sum of money is advanced to the- petty cashier for meeting possible petty expenses (like postage, telegrams, etc.) of the business for a certain period say a week, a fortnight, or a month.

Money so given to the petty cashier is known as the “impress” amount. At the end of regular agreed intervals, the petty cashier submits his statement of petty expenditures.

The general cashier on receipt of such statement refunds to the petty cashier the exact amount spent by him ((petty cashier) during, the period. Thus at the commencement of each succeeding period, the balance of petty cash in hand will restore the original sum.

An indent is an order for goods from an agent or a correspondent abroad with full particulars and conditions as to the quantity, price, possible delivery date, etc.

Index Number
An index number is a number, which indicates the relative value of money from the prices of a limited number of goods at some standard date.

Indirect Tax
A tax is called indirect when its impact and incidence are on different persons. Here the persons, who first pay the tax, ultimately shift the burden to the shoulders of others. A commodity tax is an example of an indirect tax.

It is an increase in the amount of money in circulation beyond the current need of the country. Unless the increase is accompanied by an equivalent increase in the number of consumer goods, there will be an increase in prices. Thus it is ordinarily understood as a rapid rise in the general level of price caused by an increase in the supply of money.

In-Line Database
An online database is a collection of information stored electronically in a mainframe computer. The mainframe computer is accessible by a microcomputer or terminal and a telephone hookup. A user gets his desired information from the mainframe computer wherever it is, provided he has a microcomputer (connected with the mainframe), modem, and telephone line.

An insolvent is a person whose debt far exceeds the value of his property and who commits an act of insolvency.

Insurable Interest
The interest, which the assured possesses in the subject matter in a contract of insurance, is known as insurable interest. The interest must be of a pecuniary nature i.e. the loss to be suffered must involve money.

Interim Dividend
It is a dividend declared by a company in the “interim” that is before the close of the financial year and net profits have ‘not yet been calculated. Such dividends can be declared subject to the sanction of the Articles and may be out of the past or accruing profits.

International Company
An international company is a domestic firm that uses its existing capabilities to penetrate overseas markets.

It is the world’s largest international network connecting the smallest networks that link computers at academic, scientific, and commercial institutions by telephone lines, radio lines, or satellite lines. Through this most powerful computer network, computer users, all over the world can communicate messages very quickly. Thus the internet very quickly provides worldwide e-mail, v-mail, bulletin boards, and conferencing.

An intranet is a kind of network that uses internet software and standards for internal communication. In other words? Intranet is the implementation of internet technologies within a corporate organization rather than for external connection to the global internet.? Thus it refers to the use of internet World Wide Web (www) technologies within an organization rather than for external connection to the global internet.

An invoice is a document used in trade. Full particulars as to the quality, quantity, and price of the goods; methods of transportation and payment, etc. are set forth in it.

Itinerant Trade
It is a form of retail organization in which the seller has no fixed shop or locality. He sells his goods to the buyer by ferrying from place to place it is comprised of hawkers as well as street dealers.

Itinerant Trade
It is a form of retail organization in which the seller has no fixed shop or locality. He sells his goods to the buyer by ferrying from place to place it is comprised of hawkers as well as street dealers.


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