List of Business Terms used in Business Communication

List of business terms with a large number of business terms that are mainly used in business communication.


List of Business Terms (Q)

Quasi Partner
A partner who after retirement from partnership business loans his capital in the firm and receives interest thereon varying with-profits is known as a quasi partner. Such a partner is entitled to receive dues quasi the firm after all outside creditors have been paid in full.

A quorum is the collective name of the minimum number of members, required by the articles to be present at a meeting so that the stated business of the meeting may be validly transacted.

It refers to the statement of the price and the terms and conditions upon which the seller is willing to sell the goods.

List of Business Terms (R)

Railway Receipt (R.R)
It refers to a document, that the railway company gives to the consignor acknowledging the receipt of the goods for carriage. It shows the quantity of the goods to be transported and the amount of freight to be paid. It is a document of title to the goods.

This refers to a contract of insurance for the second time. Under the agreement, in consideration of a certain premium, his original insurer shifts the part of the risk on insurance on the shoulders of another insurer or insurance company so that the possible loss may be widely distributed.

Reserve Capital
This is the uncalled capital or part thereof, which a company by a special resolution, has resolved to call up only in the event and for the purpose of the company being wound up. Such capital exists mainly for the protection of the company’s creditors.

Reserve Fund
A fund, which is created by the company out of its net profits to be utilized at the time of financial stringency is called a reserve fund.

Reserve Liability
This is the liability of the members of a company in respect of the reserve capital (uncalled capital) of that company.

It is a kind of loan obtained by the captain of the ship in an emergency against the security of the cargo of the ship with a view to enabling the ship to reach its destination. The borrowed money is repayable to the lender a certain number of days after the arrival of the ship at a particular port of destination. The document evidencing the loan money is called a respondent bond.

Revolving Credit
This refers to a kind of letter of credit-documentary of clean, with the peculiarity that the amount stated therein becomes automatically available for future utilization as soon as it has been utilized once.

It is a loose combination of dealers formed in order to force up the price of any commodity by withdrawing the supplies from the market.

Rolling Stock
It refers to the stock of engines, boilers, carriages, wagons, railway cars, or trucks.

It is a payment made to someone in return for some transference of privileges e.g. A writer of a book is periodically paid a royalty on an agreed amount for the transference of this right in the book to the publisher.


List of Business Terms (S)

Sales Emporium
It is a kind of large general shop sponsored by the government it serves as the most important medium for giving publicity as well as the marketing of the products of the country.

It refers to an allowance or reward paid to the persons who save vessels, goods, or merchandise from the dangers of the sea.

Schedule Bank
The bank whose name is included in the schedule of the Central Bank of a country is called a scheduled bank.

Scientific Advertisement
A scientific advertisement is one that involves a scientific method of analysis, classification, assembling, conclusion, testing of the conclusion, and finally the application of the tested conclusion in the field of advertisement.

Scrip is a provisional certificate for shares or debentures. This certificate is provisional, and issued by a joint-stock company before the preparation of the share certificate. The scrip certificate is to be exchanged with the share certificate.

Share Warrant
It is an instrument issued by a joint-stock company to its shareholders for fully, paid-up shares. It entitles the bearer of the instrument to the shares specified therein.

Sinking Fund
It denotes a fund, which is created by setting aside certain amounts every year out of profits to meet a specific loss or debt at the end of a given date.

Sky Advertisement
It is an advertisement, which is made by means of an airplane when a specially designed and attractive airplane moves in the sky in carefully planned directions and angles, it emotes a special type of gas: This gas forms a complete word or sentence as the airplane moves in the prescribed directions. This attracts a large number of people of all ages.

The second important part of a computer is software. Software is a series of instructions given to the computer by the user or by the manufacturer. These instructions are human-provided logic and made up of one or more programs. When you want it to do a particular job, you put the programs into a computer e.g. he or she loaded the new software. The hardware can do nothing without software.

Speculation is the buying and selling of shares, securities, stocks, and commodities in stock and produces exchange with the expectation of making a large profit in a short time by resale.

Statutory Company
A company incorporated by a special Act of the legislature is called a statutory company. Bangladesh Bank is an example of such a company.

Stock is any fractional amount of the consolidated capital of a company. Having no distinctive number, it can be bought in any quantity. It also means goods in stores kept for sale and raw materials from which anything is made.

Surrender Value
The amount of money paid by the insurer to the insured in consideration latter’s surrendering the policy to the former is known as surrender value. This value is assessed if the policyholder wants to discontinue his policy after premiums have been paid for three consecutive years. It is less than the premiums already paid.


List of Business Terms (T)

It refers to an allowance made to the purchaser. It is determined by deducting the weight of the case, cask, bag, or chest in which the goods are packed, from the gross weight.

The tariff is a table of fixed charges and a list of articles upon which duties are levied by the government when exported or imported.

Tele Quale (According to Sample)
The term ‘Tele Quale’ means that the cargo of a ship is held to be the same as the sample submitted.

Business Terms

It is a written offer to supply certain goods or to perform certain acts upon specified terms, but it is not binding until the offer is accepted.

Tied Shop
It refers to a type of retail shop that is tied to stock and-sell goods of a particular manufacturer solely. It enhances its sales in preference to other goods. This type of business is usually found when a shop takes the sole selling agency of a particular commodity especially jewelry and fancied articles.

Trade Commissioner
He is an official appointed by a country in some foreign country to promote and represent there in the commercial interests of his own land.

Trade Discount
It is a sort of rebate or allowance given by the seller to the buyer of goods as a custom of the trade or when the buyer buys goods in bulk.

Trade Mark
It is a particular mark, stamp, or .device, which is affixed or attached to manufactured goods to show that the goods bearing the marks belong to a particular trader. It is protected by law.

Trade Union
A trade union is usually an association of wage earners formed for the purpose of their mutual help and improvement of the conditions of their employment.

Treasury Bill
It is a bill of exchange issued by the government of a country to borrow money from the public or organizations.

Typefaces come in several sizes and usually in several fonts (bold, italic, etc.) Courier and Prestige Elite are fixed typefaces and hence they cannot accommodate more letters. Being proportional Time Romans, Palatino, Helvetica, and Arial Typefaces accommodate more letters.


List of Business Terms (U)

Uberrimae Fidei
It denotes absolute or utmost good faith. The term is especially applicable to an insurance contract. Every contract of insurance is said to be a contract of Uderrimae Fidei. This is so termed because the insured in a contract of insurance must disclose all material facts to the insurers so that they can decide whether to accept or reject the offer for insurance.

It refers to a person or an organization that underwrites insurance policies or accepts responsibility for payment in the event of the public not taking the whole of the shares issued.

Unvalued Policy
It is a type of marine policy in which the value of the subject matter is left undeclared. This value is determined later on.

List of Business Terms (V)

It is a small printed piece of paper that serves to attest to the payment of money.

Voyage Policy
It is one of the types of marine policies, which is taken to cover the risks of a particular voyage between two ports.

List of Business Terms (W)

Wager Policy
This is a kind of insurance policy in which the insured does not have an insurable interest in the- subject matter of insurance and in which the underwriter dispenses with any proof of interest. It is not a valid policy in the eye of the law.

Watered Capital
It refers to that portion of the share capital of a joint-stock company. Which is not represented by any tangible or realizable assets; thus the amount paid for goodwill is known as watered capital.

In the wider sense wealth is synonymous with economic goods. To be wealthy commodities must have exchange value and material possessions measured by price. It has attributes of utility, scarcity, transferability, and externality.

Web Server
The computer where data are maintained and which causes the other computers to be linked up with the internet is called a Web Server. A Web Server is also known as a gateway. This server is permanently connected to the internet with a dedicated telephone line and normally this line remains open for 24 hours.

Web Site
There is an innumerable web page varieties in a web server. These web pages (collection of specially formatted documents) have their definite addresses, which facilitate anybody to search their needed materials, this website is a web address consisting of many such web pages. For example, is a website. If you search this site, you will find varieties of information relating to trade, education, science, etc.

Window Dressing
It signifies the art of skill or arranging goods in an attractive way in shop windows.

Word Processing
Word processing is the production of letters, digits, papers, documents, and so on through the use of automated .electronic equipment. Using word processing, a user can quickly and easily convert his or her ideas into words. With .this word processing, the writer can revise, delete, add or reposition words and sentences until the final document -is ready for printing. It enables the user to select the vertical spacing, tab stops, margins, and the number of characters per inch. Once the document is formatted it is stored for future use.

Working Capital
It represents the amount of capital, which is available for carrying on business after paying the purchase price of fixed assets and expenses for the formation of the organization.

World Wide Web
The World Wide Web is the best-known area of the internet. The web includes an enormous collection of specially formatted documents known as web pages. These web pages are located on websites around the world. Included in the web offerings are online databases, newspapers, magazines, library resources, job and resume banks, sound and video files, and many other information resources. A special system of codes (eg, HTML) is used to format these offerings.


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