How to solve the Problems of Horizontal Communication

Essentials of effective horizontal communication or, how to solve the problems of horizontal communication will discuss here because someone can find the problem of horizontal communication and solve the problem easily.

How to solve the problems of horizontal communication

Managers must recognize horizontal communication as a realistic and useful way to exchange message:

To make horizontal communication effective, managers must recognize it as a realistic and useful way to exchange messages.

To be effective, this communication is to be considered a form of emergency communication to affect a quick solution to a particular problem.

Some managers discourage horizontal communication thinking that workers may get friendly to each other and thus create problems for management. But that may not be true.

Managers, in that case, should be convinced that such feelings have no strong footings. Managers should be made fully aware of the fact that it is not horizontal communication, but downward communication where authoritarianism is likely to create bitterness and disorder among the workers.

Moreover, it should be made clear to the managers and other people within the Organizational hierarchy that appropriate horizontal communication is neither threatening nor eroding to their authority.

Care should also be taken so that managers may have a clear understanding that horizontal communication is a functional part of the total communication process.

Another way of making horizontal communication effective is that the Organizational structure is to be made in such a way that the opportunity for interdepartmental communication increases.

Finally, it may be said that mutual understanding and trust among the employees of different departments must be developed. This will act as a lubricant in the way of effectively using horizontal communication.

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