Importance of Company Secretary

Though the directors are the Brain of a Company, the Secretary is its Ear, Eyes and Hands, by this sentence we can clearly understand the importance of company secretary. Detail discuss about importance of company secretary given below:

Importance of Company Secretary

A company Secretary plays an important role in a company. He performs many functions and activities as per authorization from the board of directors. The secretary of a company is considered as the Ear, Eyes and Hands of a Company. The following is the justification of such statement:

  1. A company secretary acts as the advisor to the board of directors and provides necessary information to formulate plans and policies.
  2. A company secretary is an organizer as he registers share allotment, prepares and allocates share certificates, makes all arrangement to prepare various reports like statutory report, director’s report and annual report etc.
  3. A company secretary acts as an agent of a company and enters into contract and makes representation on behalf of the company.
  4. He is a coordinator and maintains correspondence with all stockholders of the company.
  5. He is the conductor of various meeting like annual general meeting, extra ordinary general meeting, director’s meeting etc. He also prepares the notice, agenda and minutes of meetings.
  6. He performs the role of custodian by maintaining all books of accounts required by company Act.
  7. He is the chief administrative officer and carries all administrative job of a company and reports to the board of directors.

The above activities of the company secretary give clear understanding of his role. as the ears, eyes and hands of the company.

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