10 Mass Communication Industry

In the modern world mass communication has got huge popularity. Here are briefly discuss the mass communication industry. The following are the entities that work for the progress of such industries:

Mass Communication Industry

1. Press Association

The press association collects news on the running and current affairs and distributes them to the newspaper office and other media like radio, television, etc. for publicity.

Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS) and Eastern News Agency (ENA) are two (2) such agencies that provide such functions. Some popular agencies are Reuters, PTI, AFP, AP, UNI, etc.

2. Advertising Agencies

Such agencies provide their services on a contract basis. They make every arrangement to collect and distribute information. They have close contact with various media to provide a better output.

3. Public Relations Department

Organizations of large scale have their own public relations department. Such a department circulates messages like objectives, ideas, principles, policies, etc. of the respective organization to the internal members as well as external members of the society.

4. Syndicates

The Syndicate of reporters plays a significant role in mass communication. They collect and supply news, image, photo, features, reports, commentary, etc.: to the mass media like radio, television, newspapers, periodicals, etc. for circulating them to mass people.

5. Publication House

Such house-made publication on academic, cultural, social, and biographical issues helps to raise knowledge of general people.

6. Theatre Group

Such a group performs drama on various issues related to human life. They provide entertainment as well as a productive lesson to mass people.

Mass Communication Industry
Mass Communication Industry

7. Film or Movie Industry

Such an industry produces movies to entertain people as well as to provide constructive lessons regarding social affairs. Such industry has the role to make people conscious about individual, cultural and social responsibility.

8. Public Information Ministry

Such a ministry provides valuable service as an agent of mass communication. It formulates regulations and guidelines for the movement of information in any country.

All parties related to newspapers, radio, television, and other media are bound to comply with its policies and procedure.

9. Research Group or Institute

These sections verify the results of mass communication and provide necessary advice to their respective client to make mass communication more effective.

10. Others

Novel writers and playwrights, Public relations counseling firm, Internet service providers (ISP); Forum, Association, and Department.

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