Resolutions Definition and Requisition of Resolutions

In general word resolutions definition, a resolution is a decision that is taken from a meeting. Motion becomes a resolution when it is voted upon and the majority of members pass it with or without amendment.

A resolution once received and recorded in the Minutes Book becomes the official decision of that meeting. The resolution should be written in a specialized style with unambiguous words in the Minute Book.

Resolutions Definition

Resolutions Definition according to B.N. Tandon: “A resolution is a motion or a proposition with or without any amendment which has been adopted at meeting”

Resolutions Definition and Requisition of Resolutions
Resolutions Definition

Requisition of Resolutions

They are ordinary resolution, special resolution, and extraordinary resolution. The requirements of a good resolution are;

1. It should be in writing in a separate book called Minute Book.

2. The language of the resolution should be lucid, easy, and precise and convey the desired meaning.

3. The subject matter of the resolution should be as it was recorded in the meeting. Any distortion of facts and figures should be avoided.

4. The resolution may be formal or informal.

5. A resolution cannot be changed unless a further resolution is passed.

6. A resolution cannot be passed unless a motion is formally moved, observed, and put to the vote.

7. It should be affirmative in form.

8. It might begin with the word “Resolved that” only not with other words.

9. The first part of the resolution should explain the background of the resolution.

10. The main part of the resolution should state the decision of the meeting.

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