Letter of Resignation Sample/ Template/ Example and Format

A resignation letter is the most common and used in the business organization so a brief definition and letter of resignation sample are given here.

Definition of Resignation Letter

When an employee is determined to leave his present job he takes the help of a resignation letter to notify the respective employer. Such a letter from the employee states the intentional view about the cancellation of the job agreement.

The such letter includes the following matters:

  1. Name of the post from which the employee has resigned
  2. Reason for resignation.
  3. Request for acceptance of resignation

Letter of Resignation Sample

1st July 2021

Management Associate (Pvt) Ltd.
Adamjee Court, Motijheel, Dhaka.

Sub: Resigning from the post of Junior Accountant


It is now four (4) years since I was appointed to your esteemed Company. I have been working as a junior Accountant for this long period and holding grade IV when I joined your company, I was assured to be promoted to senior Accountant after one (1) year but nothing happened at all. Also, the salaries I get do not do justice to my qualification and experience.

Since I do not see any promotional scope here, I have decided to leave for a better future. Hence I am submitting my resignation from the post of Junior Accountant.

I request you to kindly accept my resignation and give me relief from service at an early date before 30th July 2004.

Yours faithfully,

Mohammad Shaker.

Letter of Resignation Sample
Letter of Resignation Sample

The image given above letter of resignation sample will give an idea about the structure of the resignation letter.

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