Characteristics and Features of Circular Letter

There are many characteristics and features of circular letter which is described below to write a effective circular letter

Features of circular letter are following:

  1. Art of writing: The art of writing a circular letter varies according to circumstances. Sometimes the art of writing may be general or sometimes it may be special. Overall, it is written in a simple way to make thing clear to all.
  2. Wide circulation: To circulate the same message to a large number of people is the main focus of a circular letter.
  3. Conciseness: A circular letter must be concise but complete. Irrelevant matters are avoided and it is made attractive by describing the subject matter in a few words.
  4. Reliability: Such letter should be composed in such a fashion to create reliability among the mass people.
  5. Mutual Interest: The interest of both business concerns as well as of consumers should be served through the circular letter. If such letter serves one sided interest then it may not be acceptable to the readers.
  6. Courtesy: Circular letter must be made in a decent way. We should not use unsuitable words because it can be hamper the appeal of such letter!
  7. Attractiveness: Speech and structure of circular letter should be catchy to hold interest of the reader.
  8. Creation of confidence: Circular letter must create confidence of the readers and for that reason it might be designed carefully to serve the purpose.
  9. Universality: While writing a circular letter, the writer must consider the view of all readers because readers may be of different classes or groups. He should make such letter universal to all who are concerned with.
  10. Relevance: The language of such letter must be identical to the purpose   otherwise such a letter would become valueless.

Characteristics and Features of Circular Letter

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