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Order cancellation letter sample

You placed an order but not yet received. Cancel the order for unusual delay.

(Publisher & Book Sellers) 15/3, Bangla bazar, Dhaka
Phone: 9412394-6

1st July, 2004

Central Book Corner
23, Newmarket, Dhaka

Sub: Cancellation of Order No. A/27/2/04 dated 20.06.03

Dear Sir,

We hope that you are in receipt of bur order No. A/27/04 dated 20.06.03 for 200 copies of M. A. Kalam’s Iktsic Accounting, but we are surprised to notice your silence in the execution of the order within the stipulated time of July 10, 2004.

We therefore, have no other option but to cancel our order for your failure to execute the order in time as time was of prime importance in this respect.

We now request you to kindly treat our order canceled. With thanks,

Yours faithfully,

Prabir Roy
Oxford Library

Order Cancellation Letter Sample

Order Cancellation Letter Sample

Image of order cancellation letter sample given above will give you more idea about structure of order cancellation letter.

Order cancellation letter example

Draft a suitable letter canceling the order you have placed with your supplier because of his unusual delay in the delivery of goods.

ELectra Trading Concern
North-South Plaza
Banani, Dhaka
Phone: 953718, 953817

September  1, 04

Sales Manager
Proton Electronics
Airport Road, Dhaka

Ref: Cancellation of Order No; 01/33/04 dated 15.08.04

Dear Sir,

We hope that you have received our order No. 01/33/04 dated 1.07.04 for supply of thirty (30) Sony Television to be supplied to us on or before 30.08.04.

We regret to inform you that you have neither executed the order within the agreed date nor inform us your inability to execute the order. We have to suffer much for the no delivery of the Sony Television within the time.

We have therefore, decided to cancel the order for your failure to execute the order in time as time was of prime importance in this respect.

We, therefore, request you to kindly treat our order as canceled. Please note that we shall refuse the goods, if delivered, because of cancellation of the order.

With thanks,

Yours faithfully,

Riaz Mohammad
Sales Manager,
Electra Trading Concern

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