Objective of Circular Letter and Factors for Drafting Circular Letter

A circular letter reflects information regarding an organization or entity. The followings are the objective of circular letter.

Objective of Circular Letter

(1) Personal objective: A person may be interested to circulate his name and may use various media. For example, when a donor wants to donate may use a circular letter. Intention to spread personal fame provokes a person to use circular letter.

(2) Social objective: The news of a section or group of people of society can also be reflected through circular letter. Such letter informs the whole nation and makes people conscious e, g, the socio-economic condition of tribal is published through circular letter and makes us familiar regarding their problems.

(3)Business objective:

  • Information regarding business: Introduction of business and its expansion, opening of new business, change of location of business, change of name of an enterprise, inclusion of a new partner or death of a partner, making or cancelling any contract, agency involvement, business merger, trademark or brand promotion, professing any news, reason for nationalization or denationalization are the topics or subject matters addressed through circular letter.
  • Raising demand for a product: The development of a new product and its promotion, price fixation, reason for price fluctuation, commission on a product, precaution regarding any product, supply and discount of a product also can be the information of a circular letter.

L. Gartside Said; “The objective of a circular letter is to convince a reader to sale or purchase his desired product”.

J. H. Jains said that circular letter is used for five (5) reasons which are:

  1. Selling by post
  2. Report regarding investigation of sales
  3. Following the investigation report
  4. Convincing people to come to outlet
  5. Creation of goodwill.

Considerable Factors for drafting Circular Letter

Objective of Circular Letter

Objective of Circular Letter

A circular letter is addressed towards huge number of people whose level of understanding may differ inters of experience, intelligence and education. There are certain issues or factors which must be there to make such a letter communicative to the receivers. Those factors are general factors and mentioned below:

A. The letterhead should highlight the relevant information regarding the sender, which are: Name & Address

  • Nature of business
  • Contact  number
  • There should not be any inside address because it is addressed towards general people.
  • Give the appropriate title to highlight the subject.
  1. The salutation should be simple with courteous and decent tone.
  2. The structure or layout should be attractive and catchy.
  3. Unusual speech should be avoided rather specific matters should be laid down in an interesting way.
  4. “You attitude” should be the key point to be addressed to the receivers.
  5. Properly clarify the subject or topic with related advantage and merits.
  6. The language should be concrete and courteous.
  7. Complimentary close should be humble enough to convince the receivers.
  8. The writer’s name with designation should be stated clearly.

Situation that Requires Writing of Circular Letter

Circular letters are used to communicate various aspects or matters of business to a large number of people. There are various- situations when such letter is required. The followings are the common and significant situations:

  1. Emergence of any business
  2. Merger of two business entity
  3. Opening of a new branch
  4. New development or improvement of any product or service.
  5. Reduction in price or the big sale.
  6. Any change in any service or to state any inconvenience.
  7. Diversification of business activities.
  8. Change in the constitution of the firm.
  9. Admission, retirement or death of a partner.
  10. Information regarding awards, prize or lucky coupon etc.

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