Termination Letter Sample/ Example/ Template and Format

Termination letter is use for terminate a employee from a organization. Here we discuss about termination letter definition and termination letter sample to make the concept clear about termination letter. Termination letter should be short, describe the reason of termination briefly.

Definition of termination letter

If the appointee does not come up to the expectations of his employers or if his general conduct is unsatisfactory then, his services may be terminated and regarding such a letter is issued called termination letter.

Termination May also become necessary if the re-organization of the office requires reduction in the number of employees or if the firm is closed by itself. Other reason is sometime there may happen some serious misunderstanding between the employee and the management calls for termination also.

Termination letter must state two (2) following issues:

  1. Date of termination
  2. Reason of termination

Termination Letter sample

(An exclusive door for Garments)
Corporation Building, Motijheel, Dhaka

1st June, 2004

Mr. Rashid Choudhury
Collection Manager
Regional office, Dhaka.

Sub: Termination Order

Dear Mr. Hashid Choudhury,

It is my painful duty to inform you that your services will be terminated from 1st July.

Your work, punctuality and efficiency have been under observation for the last three (3) months but there has been no improvement on your part. Hence the management has no other way but to give you one (1) month’s .notice of termination as per the terms of your appointment.

Yours truly
Jimmy Jones
Managing Partner


termination letter sample

Termination letter sample

Image given above a termination letter sample for the structure of such letter.

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