8 Necessity or Importance of Circular Letter

A circular letter is an effective means of creating interest among a large number of people regarding goods or services. Here we going to describe here the importance of circular letter.

Necessity / Importance of Circular Letter

The importance of a circular letter can be discussed in terms of the following aspects:

1. Create a new market: The circular letter helps to create a new market for a specific product or service and therefore causes the development of business.

2. Public awareness: It can provide useful information to make people aware.

3. Introduce a new marketplace: A new marketplace can be informed and introduced by the use of such a letter.

4. Convince audience: Such a letter helps to influence the mind of the audience and make them convinced to use a particular product or service.

Importance of Circular Letter
Importance of Circular Letter

5. Link between producer and customer: A circular letter is an efficient communication tool acting as a link between supplier and consumer or producer and customer.

6. Seles promotion: Babenroth and Parkhurst said that a circular letter helps for sales promotion,

7. Easy communication: This letter provides the easiest means to communicate with mass people.

8. Enhance business goodwill: Goodwill of a business entity can be enhanced through the wide circulation of such a letter.

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