Circular Letter Definition

Circulation must communicate with mass people and therefore there is the emergence of the circular letter which is an effective, popular, and cheap circular message. So circular letter definition is given here:

Generally, a letter that circulates the same message is known as a circular letter.

In detail, a circular letter is a letter used to convey any individual, organizational or social message, which is commercial or non-commercial in nature, to a large number of people is known as a circular letter.

Circular Letter Definition

Circular Letter definition according to J. H. Jains quoted, “The advancement of a business through the easiest and fruitful way is known as circular letter.”

Circular Letter definition in accordance of Prof W.J Weston said, “Circular letter is one which is meant to be read by number of correspondents. It is of the nature of an advertisement and is usually a business announcement or an attempt to advance business.”

Rajendra Pal and Korlahalli said “On certain occasions a businessmen has to communicate some messages to a large number of his customers and suppliers, for this purpose he uses circular letter.”

Circular Letter definition
Circular Letter Definition

Care must be taken to make a circular letter interesting. For that reason, there must be something attractive in a circular letter to hold the attention of the reader. The use of the ‘You’ attitude, catchy words and sentences, and different types of patterns, colors, etc. are some elements/of an effective circular letter.

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