What is a Voicemail? (Definition of Voicemail According to Various Author)

What is a voicemail? in the present time, it is a silly question? But on this page, we are going to describe it a little bit longer. Voice mail has another popular name as a voice message, some people also known as voicebank.

Some years back it is only used in computer-based. Current time voice mail has a large number of users. I know everyone must familiar with that. But nowadays it mainly used in mobile communication.

Following we try to describe what is a voice-mail in the general world. We also provide some definition of voice mail from a famous person in this field.

In general word, what is a voicemail?

Voicemail is of kind of e-communication where a person sends messages orally to others. It is one of the popular services provided by a mobile operator. It requires a user to create an email box according to the procedure of the operator.

When the user is out of network or remains busy, he can divert all incoming calls to voice an email box; As a result, the caller can drop a message in terms of voice and the user can listen to such voice by access to the email box. The user can also add voice notation to inform his present status to the caller. It helps both the users and caller to stay close:

What is a Voicemail?
What is a Voicemail?

According to Bartoll and Martin: “Voicemail is a recording system that enables senders to leave messages for receivers by telephone.”

Boone and others defined: “Voicemail is a computer-based system that processes both incoming and outgoing telephone calls.”

So, we can say that voicemail is a computer beast system for sending messages orally from the sender to the receiver.

Nowadays there are many ways to send voicemail. For the business purpose, you can hire some voicemail sender company who send thousands of voicemail for your business.

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