Definition of Graphical Representation of Report

There is various kind of report and all are important for business communication. definition of graphical representation of report will clear the idea about a report.

Definition of graphical representation of report

Information in a report is presented in various ways. How to present and what to present, depends on the size and nature of the report. It is also dependent on the type of audience and the preference of the reporter.

Definition of Graphical Representation
Graphical Representation of Report

There is a various classifications of the report. And there are some reports which do not involve any analysis. Such reports are made attractive and meaningful to the audience in terms of using design, tables, graphs, and pictures.

Reports prepared in such a way are called the graphical presentation of data, Which is a scientific process. Reports made involving descriptive analysis and clarification may prove to be expensive and incorrect.

To remove such limitations, a graphical presentation of data is the best alternative.

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