Purposes / Objectives / Significance / Importance of Report

The report plays an important role in decision-making in an organization. And such importance of report can be understood through the following discussions:

Importance of report

  1. Decision-Making Tool: Today’s complex business organizations require thousands of information. Reports provide the required information a large number of important decisions in business or any other area are taken on the basis of the information presented in the reports. This is one of the great importance of the report.
  2. Investigation: Whenever there is any problem, a committee or commission or study group investigates the problem to find out the reason behind the problem and present the findings with or without the recommendation in the form of a report. It is another importance of the report.
  3. Evaluation: Large scale organizations are engaged in multidimensional activities. It is not possible for a single top executive to keep a personal watch on what others are doing. So, the executive depends on reports to evaluate the performance of various departments or units.
  4. Quick Location: There is no denying the fact that business executives need information for quick decision-making. As top executives are found to be busy for various purposes), they need vital sources of information. Such sources can be business reports.importance-of-report
  5. Development of skill: Report writing skill develops the power of designing, organization coordination, judgment, and communication.
  6. Neutral presentation of facts: Facts are required to be presented in a neutral way; such presentation is ensured through a report as it investigates, explains, and evaluates any facts independently.
  7. Professional Advancement: Report also plays a major role in professional achievement. For promotion to the rank and file position, satisfactory job performance is enough to help a person. But for promotion to a high level position, intellectual ability is highly required. Such ability can be expressed through the report submitted to a higher authority.
  8. Proper Control: Whether activities are happening according to plan or not is expressed through a report. So, controlling activities are implemented based on the information of a report.
  9. A managerial Tool: Various reports make activities easy for the managers. For planning, organizing, coordinating, motivating, and controlling, the manager needs help from a report which acts as a source of information.
  10. Encountering Advance and Complex Situation: In a large business organization, there is always some sort of labor problems that may bring complex situations. To tackle that situation, managers take the help of a report.

The discussions mentioned above justify the importance of reports in our daily life.

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