5 Factors that Influence Downward Communication

There are various factors that influence downward communication and those factors should be considered carefully for effective communication purposes. Those factors are highlighted below:

Factors that Influence Downward Communication

1. Completeness

The incomplete message causes confusion and therefore no action is implemented. As downward communication is made from superior to subordinate, communication regarding the order, instruction, or any sort of information must be complete enough to create a meaningful picture. Otherwise, subordinates will be misguided with wrong communication.

2. Clear Idea About the source

The source of downward communication must be clear to the subordinates so that reliability is ensured as well as feedback provision is possible. If subordinates do not know the source of messages then there is a chance of misinterpretation, attentiveness, and unwillingness.

3. Suspecting Attitudes

Lack of proper knowledge regarding the plan, policy, procedure, rules, and guidelines of an organization is a barrier to downward communication. Because subordinates will be always in a doubt to perform any action as asked by the superior through his order or instruction.

Factors that Influence Downward Communication
Factors that Influence Downward Communication

4. Appropriate Channel

Channel plays a vital role to make downward communication effective. Which channel should be a meaningful one superior should use his knowledge and experience.

5. Motivation

Downward communication should be framed to motivate or encourage the subordinates in such a way so that they always feel that they are accountable and they have acceptance or recognition as an essential part of an organization.

We should conscious of the above factors that influence downward communication to make downward communication effective and meaningful.

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