Distortion in Upward Communication Channel

There is a common saying that distortion hampers the upward communication channel. Such distortion occurs intentionally, unconsciously or due to mistake. When a decision is taken based on distorted message or information then the management has to suffer a lot. Some factors responsible for such distortion in upward communication channel are highlighted as follows:

Distortion in Upward Communication Channel

Many times distortion hamper the upward communication. Distortion occurs intentionally, unconsciously or due to mistake. As a result, management has to suffer a lot for decision-making.

  1. Suspecting Attitude: Lower level staff or employees always make doubt to their supervisors or higher officials. Such suspect causes irregularity and provokes the employees to forward distorted news or information.
  2. Dissatisfaction: In much organization, upward communication is neglected by the top management. This creates dissatisfaction in the mind of workers who are found to be reluctant to work for the Organization.
  3. Lack of self-confidences: While making any upward communication, subordinate always hesitate or fear because they lack confidence in them whether to communicate or not. This causes employees to keep away from the management and their respective problems remain unsolved.
  4. Flattery: On many occasions, it is found that subordinates try to flatter their superiors to get some advantages. Workers hide or conceal the real matter away from their boss, which leads to a wrong decision taken by the management.
  5. Violation of sequence: Sometimes employees avoid their immediate superior and directly contact with the top executives which create conflict in the Organization. Therefore a haphazard situation may arise in the line of the Organizational function.
Distortion in Upward Communication Channel

Distortion in Upward Communication Channel

  1. Image Problem: Many Subordinates feel that if they disclose their work related problems to the superiors, this may prove them to be inferior or inefficient. Such feeling put them to think regarding their hamper of the image.
  2. Lack of Trust: Sometimes attitude and behavior of the superiors may not be acceptable to the subordinates because of false assurance, misconduct or any other reason. There is every chance of distortion of communication here.

The above factors are required to be addressed and solved for the sake of the Organizational goal.

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