The network of Small Group Communication

There are many ways of communication small group of communication is one the most effective way of communication so, here we discuss network of small group communication.

The network of Small Group Communication

There are four (4) types of network that connect the members of a small group, which are :

  1. Wheel Network
  2. Chain Network
  3. Circle network
  4. All channel Network

Wheel Network: In such network manager plays a vital role to spread information. Here the primary communication occurs between the members and the group manager and then the group manager shares the information with all. It is the feature of a typical workgroup.

Wheel Network

Chain Network: Here each member communicates with the person above and below. It reflects upward & downward communication and exists in a vertical hierarchy.

Chain Network

Circle Network: Here each member communicates with the people on both sides. It is generally found in the case of a committee or task force.

Network of Small Group Communication
Circle Network

All Channel Network: Here all members of the group communicate with all other members. Such a network is-available in case of informal groups I Group members that have no formal structure, leader or task to perform.

All Channel Network

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