8 Difference between Upward and Downward Communication

Upward communication and downward communication both are important ways of business communication but there is some certain difference between upward and downward communication.

The following are the difference between upward and downward communication:

Points of differenceDownward communicationUpward communication
DefinitionIt is the process of sending a message from a superior to a subordinate.It is the opposite of downward communication i.e. it flows from subordinate to superior.
NatureSuch communication includes instructions, orders, advice, and the like: so it is directive in nature.It includes suggestions, complaints, and the like so. It is nondirective in nature.
ApplicationIt is suitably found in an authoritarian environment.It is found in a democratic environment.
PurposeIt is to supply the subordinates with relevant information.It serves the purpose of feedback i.e. whether the subordinates have properly received the message.
FrequencyIt takes place several times to give orders, advice, and directions to a subordinate.It does not occur so frequently.
DistortionPeople find little scope to distort the message here because such communication is authoritarian.Message can be distorted here intentionally as subordinates have expectations to be fulfilled such as job promotion.
InitiativeHere, higher authority takes the initiative to make communicate.Here, lower-level employees take the initiative to establish communication.
ManagementIt is an instruction type of management.It is like consultative management.
Difference between Upward and Downward Communication
Difference between Upward and Downward Communication

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