Promotion Letter Sample / Format / Template with Definition

Promotion is very often a matter of company and organization and the organization lets its employees know by a letter which is commonly known as a promotion letter. Here we write about a definition of a promotion letter and promotion letter sample/promotion letter format/promotion letter template/promotion letter example to clear the concept.

Definition of promotion letter

A promotion letter is a reward to an employee for his excellent contribution to an organization. When an employee performs better activities than others, he is supposed to get extra care from the employer, which is reflected in the promotion.

The such letter usually involves the following matters

  1. Words of congratulations
  2. Mentioning new assignment posts and designation
  3. New benefits and allowances to be given

Promotion Letter Sample

Registered Office Address
Address line two

Issuing date: May 5, 2021

Name of employee: Mr. XYZ
Address of employee
address line 2

Ref: Promotion as an Assistant Secretary

Dear Mr. XYZ,

I have the pleasure to inform you that you have been promoted to assistant secretary in the share department of the company. You are required to take charge of the new assignment on 15th May 2021. Please accept my hearty congratulations on your promotion.

Your salary scale in the promoted cadre will be Tk. 16,000 and from 15th may, your basic salary will be fixed at Tk. 12,000 on the said scale. You will be entitled to all other allowances as applicable to the staff-II of the company. Other service conditions remain unchanged.

Please acknowledge receipt of this letter.

Yours sincerely,

Name of employer
Designation of employer
Name of the organization

Promotion Letter Sample
Promotion Letter Sample

The image given below is the image format of the promotion letter sample. We provide this image for our visitors so that they can understand better about the promotion letter. To view the image large click on the image.

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