Vertical Communication Definition

When a organization maintain communication inside, it communicate through chain of command but when communication needed it don’t follow the chin of command ant that is commonly known as vertical communication. Detail vertical communication definition given below:

Vertical communication definition

A communication that exists between superior and subordinate can be termed as vertical communication.

When the communication process flows from upward to downward in other word from superior to subordinate it is called downward communication.

And when it is reversed i.e. from subordinate to superior, these types of communication is called upward communication.

Therefore both upward and downward in together make vertical communication. This type’s communication can be shown below:

When vertical communication follows to downward trend then it involves directions, instructions, order or advice, whereas vertical communication following upward trend involves problem defining, giving opinion and reporting.

Vertical communication uses both oral and written method to fulfill the objective of communication. It can use oral communication like face to face or telephonic conversation; meeting, seminars etc.

On the other side, letters, memos, notices, reports, and other written documents are used for written communication.

Vertical Communication Definition

Vertical Communication Definition

A flow chart given above about vertical communication. This flowchart will give a at a glance idea about vertical communication. Click on the image to see large view.

Therefore, communication happening between two or more persons having different level, rank or designation can be defined as vertical communication.

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