Advantages and Disadvantages of Vertical Communication

Vertical communication has great importance in business organizations or company as well as it also has some disadvantages. We give here the advantages and disadvantages of vertical communication.

Advantages of Vertical Communication

There are some advantages to vertical communication. Those advantages are highlighted below:

  1. Communication at various levels of an organization is possible through vertical communication.
  2. Advice, order, or instructions are implemented through such communication.
  3. Problems existing in any department, position, or level are pinpointed.
  4. Vertical communication plays a vital role to motivate subordinates.
  5. Orders and directions can be executed because of such communication.
  6. Job assignment, Job rationality, and job evaluation lire possible due to such communication.
  7. Employee attitude and job satisfaction can be identified if vertical communication is active.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vertical Communication

Though there are many advantages and disadvantages of Vertical Communication, some disadvantages of vertical communication are given below:

Disadvantages of Vertical Communication

Vertical communication also faces some disadvantages or limitations which are:

1. As the designation or rank of the sender and receiver involved in vertical communication is not the same, so there always exists a difference. Such a difference hampers the way of communication.

2. Subordinates on many occasions cannot express their feelings, attitude, and emotion to their respective superiors which call for the communication gap.

3. Sometimes the superiors can be reluctant to forward their message which can be a barrier to such communication.

4. Such communication passes on various levels of an organization which calls for delay and slowness.

5. Subordinates always have a fear of asking for further explanations from their superiors. So, subordinates always have a doubt regarding the message received.

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