9 Steps to Overcome Communication Barriers in Business Enterprise

The following steps can help to overcome communication barriers in business that are affecting business enterprises.

Communication barriers in business

1. Change in organizational structure: Business concerns in Bangladesh should design a flat structure that has few hierarchical levels. This will reduce the communication gap between superiors and subordinates.

2. Reduction of formalities: Business managers are very much formal in Bangladesh. This attitude should be changed to avoid unnecessary delays in the flow of communication.

3. Introduction of feedback: The business unit should allow employee survey open door policy, meeting, and suggestion box to receive feedback and make effective communication.

4. Use of simple language: Simple and easy words should be used during communication rather than vague words, jargon, and local dialect.

5. Enrichment of labor-management relation: Timely feedback and regular meeting can help to establish a good relationship between labor and management. A better relationship can create a congenial environment for a smooth flow of information.

5. An arrangement of training & seminars: A business organization should arrange training and seminars for employees on a regular basis to enhance knowledge and skill. This will increase e the efficiency of the employees at work.

Steps for Overcoming Communication Barriers in Business Enterprise

6. Availability of modern communication devices: Fax, email, internet, and multimedia devices should be available at work to make employees familiar and updated with the modern world for prompt (S) communication.

7. Introducing a participation management system: Business Managers should allow the participation of employees at different levels for decision-making. This will encourage employees to exchange information freely.

8. Removal of political influence: The business decision should be free from political influence. The trade union should be encouraged to raise a legal voice in the interest of employees only.

9. Using proper media: Communication can fail for using the wrong media. Media should be selected based on communication type, target receiver, and environment. This will lead to effective communication.

Therefore, the above-mentioned guidelines can break communication barriers in business organizations.

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