Advantages or Importance of Feedback in Communication


Feedback is important in two-way communication. It completes two way communications and provides basis of understanding regarding the successful delivery of a message. The advantages or importance of feedback is highlighted below.

Importance of Feedback

  1. Basis of problem solving: In two way communication, feedback is compulsory. The sender can only justify the attitude of the receiver if feedback is provided. So, feedback ‘ ensures the basis of problem solving and this is one of the importance of feedback.
  2. Democratic approach: It is a democratic approach to communication. It involves participation of the receiver and therefore provides scope to express opinion. It is another advantages of feedback.
  3. Effective communication: Two-way communication gets confirmed that the message is rightly sent and can understand the success or failure of communication.
  4. Identification of Improvement Area: Feedback gives input to the sender regarding the message provided by him. This helps to improve the communication problem.
  5. Better understanding: Feedback helps to understand the view and opinion of the receive. With better understanding, sender decides for the next step.

    Advantages or Importance of Feedback in Communication
    Importance of Feedback in Communication
  6. Creating healthy relations: One way communication cannot create healthy relation in case of labor management. Hence two way communications are effective and therefore lower level employees can depend on feedback to raise their voice.
  7. Effective coordination: Feedback enables effective coordination in an organization. All concerned departments can share the work-in-progress through the means of feedback. This supports for the successful completion of a job or transaction.

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