Communication and Relationship Management

Communication and relationship management work on business organization. Communication relates directly to the basic management functions of planning, organizing leading and controlling. It is a pervasive part of almost all managerial activities.

Communication and Relationship Management

Management is concerned with making people productive with the aim of achieving Organizational goal in an efficient and effective manner. This task is accomplished through the proper activation of planning, organizing, directing, motivating and controlling.

And all “these activities are possible when there is effective communication. So, communication is closely related with all managerial functions or activities.

To clearly understand the relation between communication and management, we have to look on the following discussion:

Communication and Relationship Management

  1. Job functioning: For proper job functioning, management has to maintain communication with executives, officers and     employees of different levels. Management has to supply information to the subordinates in the form of instructions, advices, order and need to hear suggestions & complaints from subordinates. Here communication can be three (3) dimensional i.e. downward, upward and lateral.
  2. Job Co-ordination: The importance of communication in   management is clearly understood when co-ordination of activities of different departments is actually felt necessary. Communication used by management here known to be lateral communication. It is used because people like more the informality of lateral communication rather than the chain of command. As Wickenburg said “A study on managers showed that two third of their communication were found to be lateral”
  3. Job evaluation: To evaluate the performance of various employees from various levels, management must get proper information and hence performance report of each department will facilitate the purpose. On the basis of report, management should reward and punish the respective employees.
  4. Job Training: Management should provide various training to its employees to get skilled so that they can produce efficiently and productively. So, to provide training, management must have proper idea regarding his employees’ performance and therefore give training accordingly.
  5. Interaction with stakeholders: Management need to communicate with various stakeholders such as: Shareholders, creditors,   suppliers, debtors, bank, regulatory bodies, govt. “agencies, consumers & customers and others. This external communication is essential to generate business that enables an Organization to survive, grow and make profit.

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