How to Improve Cross Cultural Communication

Now a days cross culture communication has a great role in international organization. It effectively improve business commutation. There are some common tips for how to improve cross cultural communication.

How to Improve Cross Cultural Communication

Communication across culture is not easy for all. Business managers face difficulties during global business due to variation across cultures. The following guidelines can help to improve cross-cultural communication.

How to Improve Cross Cultural Communication

  • Learn about cultures: For global communication business executive should learn about history, values, food, habit, customs, economy, social view and religion of the culture with whom they need to interact. Here they can read books, journals and articles or see video footage on the life style of respective culture. A better study and training on cultures will help business managers to deal with multinationals.
  • Removing Language barrier: For global communication, there is nothing alternate than a common language. English as a second language is widely practiced around the world. Employees should learn English to ensure successful oral and written communication. Employer can arrange language training on English for the employees to remove language barrier.
  • Improving communication skill: During cross-cultural communication, one should follow one general suggestion: write or speak simply and clearly. The following tips will be helpful to improve communication:
  1. Use plain and basic English for better understanding to all.
  2. Be specific to make proper attention.
  3. Listen carefully with positive approach.
  4. Avoid .slang, phrase and vague words. Do not use words that have multiple meaning.
  5. Speak slowly and accept feedback.
  • Avoid non-verbal hints: During cross cultural communication, it is suggested to avoid non-verbal hints because they have different meaning in different cultures. They can create confusion and misunderstanding if used when people of different cultures communicate.
  • Maintain flexibility: Cross-cultural people should have flexibility to understand each .other. They should cooperate with each other and ignore unintentional mistakes during communication.

Cross-cultural people must be aware about the above issues to make communication effective.

To know how to improve cross cultural communication any one can follow above suggestion.

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