Mass Communication Skills Test and Mass Communication System

Mass communication is the most important process for every kind of business organization. So, mass communication skills test and mass communication systems are described on this page.

A mass communication skills test

Encoding skills and decoding skills help to test the skill of mass communication

The following communication skills and then various factors help to test the skill of mass where the first two factors are called encoding ext two factors are termed as decoding skills:

The image given below about the mass communication skills test will give a glance idea about the mass communication skills test. Click the image for a large view.

Mass Communication Skills Test and Mass Communication System
Mass Communication Skills Test

Speaking Ability

The success of mass communication is very much dependent on the ability to speak. Such ability depends on many things like merit, educational qualification, experience, attitude, social and cultural motive of the sender.

Writing Ability

Such ability also depends on the merit, educational qualification experience, and attitude, the social and cultural motive of the sender. The result of poor writing causes confusion and misunderstanding and therefore the success of mass communication is related to the development of writing ability.

Formation Ability

The ability to organize news, information attitude, or feeling in a proper way causes the development of mass communication.

Listening Ability

Poor listening causes poor communication and therefore the objective of communication will be fruitless and ineffective. So, proper listening is a massive factor to develop mass communication.

Other factors

Besides the above 4 factors, proper understanding, the ability of judgment, consistency in behavior, and follow-up or feedback ability are other necessary factors to test the skill of mass communication.

Mass Communication System

Like other developing countries, mass communication has also developed like an industry here in Bangladesh. Such an industry has not flourished like the developed world. Although it is still growing but not underdeveloped.

At present mass communication is used for the transmission of news or information in broad ways. It has a tremendous influence on our political, economic, and social environment.

Its importance is massive in our life and therefore it has been introduced as the public communication department in various universities to open the door for studies in the field of communication. Nowadays students are taking mass communication as a profession and taking on the challenge of reality.

In our country, radio, television, newspaper, Cinema Theater, and advertising agencies are the major contributors to mass communication. In modern business, mass communication is getting more popular day by day and playing a prominent role in the operation and management of the business.

After the liberation period, there were only a few advertising firms but later on, there was a gradual development in advertising which resulted in huge firms, production houses, and supporting agencies in the private sector.

For administrative purposes, judicial activities, and legislative purposes the role of mass communication is unlimited. There are separate mass communication departments in the govt, semi-govt, autonomous and private bodies to ensure accountability and transparency.

Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS), Eastern Newsagency (ENA), United News of Bangladesh (UNB), and media syndicate are the news agency under the local entities.

There are also foreign news agencies like the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Voice of America (VGA), and Reuters here in Bangladesh.

There is a telecast of radio and TV programs in the close and remote areas and for that relay stations have been set up in various districts. Print media and electronic media are seemed to be more active nowadays.

Another handy and quick mass communication is still growing up in Bangladesh through the Internet.

A lot of Internet Service Provider (ISP) firms have grown up and increasing here and providing access to global or worldwide communication.

People can easily communicate anywhere in the world through the magic of the Internet with less cost and time.

In a nutshell, mass communication is still developing in Bangladesh and the fruit of such communication is beyond imagination in any sector, field, or area.

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