Multipurpose Uses of Business Communication

All business communication is business goad oriented communication. It is directed toward the accomplishment of certain business purpose. The application or uses of business communication in business is multi­dimensional. Here, we highlight those aspects of communication in brief:

1. Development of Relations between Employer and Employee: Relation is created through exchange of ideas, views or emotions and such relation can be maintained through continuous communication. Therefore, communication is the means through which there is development of relations between employer and employee:

Formal or informal, any type of communication helps both employer -and employee to come close and work for the fulfillment of organizational objective. The following stated conditions are helpful in this connection:

  1. Employer should have courtesy toward his employees so that they think themselves to be ‘Key person’.
  2. In case of allotment, promotion or acceptance of job there should be helping attitude from the part of the employer.
  3. Human resources policy should be clearly defined to the employees and workers.
  4. There should be corporate code of conduct and such should be followed by the employees to honor the organization.
  5. Employer must give opportunity to the employees to raise their voice. And, employer should pay proper attention to hear the claim or demand of employees.
  6. Employer should be unique to his word and work.
  7. Employer should motivate his employees to bring out the creativity from his employees.

2. Improvement of union relations: How a manager deals with a union or bargaining agent depends on the following matters:

  1. Proper understanding of classification of labor union.
  2. The nature of bargaining and type of agreement to be made should be clear to all who are concerned.
  3. The person who is most reliable to the worker should be given Priority.
  4. Agreement should be signed by taking proper consent from the employees.
  5. Union should be given the responsibility of maintaining liaison between employer and employee.

3. To improve relation with each department: There are various departments in an Organization where their activities are inter-linked. Proper functioning of each department is required to attain the Organizational goal. So, there should be Team effort’ to be developed by the top management and therefore effective communication is the best option. To do such the following elements should be considered:


Multipurpose Uses of Business Communication

  1. Priority and preference of each department should be given emphasis.
  2. Resources of the business should be allocated on the basis of priority so that there is optimal utilization of them.
  3. Each department should be given equal importance so that they produce the ‘Best Quality’
  4. Working environment should be congenial to the activities performed by each department and therefore top management should make proper infrastructure for each department.
  5. Communication chain’ should be developed between each department. This will increase co-ordination of activities.
  6. There should be “Reward and punishment’ system to evaluate the performance for each department. This will help each department to be conscious for their respective jobs.


4.  To develop relations with various environments of business: Business cannot play its role without the influence of various environments such as social, legal, economical and political environments.

Therefore, business has continuous interaction with its various environments. Such interdependence is constructed through the following factors:

  1. Consideration of social expectation and steps taken to meet the consideration,
  2. Creation of employment opportunity for the people of society.
  3. Giving emphasis to social values & norms.
  4. Regular payment of Tax and duties to the govt.
  5. Investment to be made for social infrastructural development.
  6. Compliance to state policy such as fiscal, monetary and others.
  7. Compliance to laws and regulations.
  8. Production of environment friendly products and services and set up of Effluent Treatment Device.

5. To raise employee morale: Morale is the level of job satisfaction within a group. High morale is required for creating initiative, sincerity and dedication among the employees. Regular communication can-serve to raise morale too top.

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