Definition of Status Inquiry Letter

A letter that requests the referees to provide necessary information about the status of an applicant is termed a status inquiry letter.

When an applicant applies for a job, he is required to mention the name and address of some prominent people as a reference in his resume.

When an employer appoints an applicant, he approaches those mentioned referees and seeks information like character, honesty, discipline, efficiency, and other personal matter of the applicant.

Such information is asked through a letter, which is known to be a status inquiry letter. An employer wants to appoint an honest and efficient worker, he, therefore, takes the help of such a letter.

Such a letter should be specific and polite to motivate the referees to provide information, which is confidential in nature.

Subject Matter in Status Inquiry Letter/Factors to be considered for status Inquiry Letter

Status inquiry letter seeks confidential information from a third party. Drafting of such a letter requires the consideration of the following factors:

1. Applicant’s Name and Address: The person whose information is to be asked should be clearly mentioned with his name and address. As a result, there will be no confusion and this will clearly identify the right person.

2. Causes of Inquiry: The reason behind the inquiry should also be mentioned in the letter so that the information provider me, him, etc., e, the referee can reasonably answer the letter.

Status Inquiry Letter
Inquiry Letter

3. Necessary information: The information, which is necessary, should be asked with a polite and definite appeal.

4. Neutrality: The referee must remain neutral while providing confidential information regarding the applicant. Such a tone should be communicated through a status inquiry letter.

5. Promise for information secrecy: They must be promised that whatever information would be provided by the referee will be kept secret by the sender (employer).

6. Similar future assurance for help: If the referee needs any similar help in the future, he will be entertained and such assurance should be specified in the letter.

7. Return Envelope with stamp: For the benefit of the referee, a return envelope with a stamp must be attached to such a letter. This will help the referee to bear no cost to assist the person who has asked for information.

8. Signature and Designation: The person who is asking for information should sign the status inquiry letter with his respective designation at the end.

If the status inquiry letter is drafted considering the above factors, it will gain the desired result.

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