Functions of Memo / Memorandum

The memo also known as the memorandum has great importance nowadays. It has been said that the purpose of the memo/functions of the memo is to help everyone to become better organized.

In business, employees and managers write millions of memos each day. The goal of a better organization can be met only if each of these memos is well written.

Memos are a form of communication with others in your organization. Memos sometimes called internal letters or inter-office correspondence should be used to convey information, making requests, provide responses, and present informal reports.

Functions of memo

Functions of the memo can be explained in terms of the following points:

Functions of Memo / Memorandum
Functions of Memo

1. Providing Information: Memos are used to convey information. This information may be about a new policy, an explanation, or revision of an existing policy or procedure to implement any policy.

For example, Changes in supervisory positions or special events within the organizations, the annual picnic, or any schedule may be conveyed by the memos.

Commerce Ltd.

To: All Employees
From: A. Rahim
Date: December 30, 2005.

Subject: Annual Employees Picnic.

This year’s annual picnic will be held on Wednesday, January 15, 2006, at the National Park from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Please plan to attend and you are welcome to bring your families.

Make your reservations with Sweety in Personnel Department before noon,
Monday, January 13, 2006.
See you there.

2) Make Requests: When additional information is required, there we can use the memo to request further information e.g. to attend a meeting by a specific person, or to take prompt action, or any matter requests are usually made in memo form.

3) Provider Response: Requests made by the memo are usually answered by the memo. e.g. confirmation of attending any meeting or explaining the reason for not attending the meeting, accept or reject an invitation, to represent the organization at any outside meeting or other activity can be answered through a memo.

Commerce Ltd.

To: Salma
From: Shahana
Manager, Data Processing
Date: July 25, 2005.

Subject: Department Heads Meeting. Tuesday, March 7

I am committed to making a presentation at the national conference of the Data Processing Managers Association on Tuesday, March 7. Please plan to represent the Data Processing Department at the department heads meeting on Tuesday, March 7, at 9.30 a.m. in the sixth-floor conference room.

I will look forward to your report about the meeting when I return on Thursday, March 9.

4) Present informal Report: Informal reports are commonly used by managers in planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling. Such reports can be presented through a memo containing information regarding managerial decisions and also recommend a solution to a problem being researched.

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