Features of Demi Official Letter or Demi Government Letter

Demi official letter has some important characteristics. To make the topic demi official letter we described here some features of demi official letter in detail.

Features of demi official letter or demi government letter

The following features are located in a demi-official letter:

Features of Demi Official Letter or Demi Government Letter

  1. Adjusted System: Such letter is a combination of official and personal matters.
  2. Structure: There is no specific structure like official letter to draft demi-official letter.
  3. Objective: Using personal relationship such letter is intended to attain official objective.
  4. Personal Relation: Personal relation between sender and receiver is the key element for drafting such letter.
  5. Language: Language of such letter is less formal and more flexible having personal touch.
  6. Salutation and Complimentary Close: Salutation and complimentary close are usually used depending on the personal relation with receiver.
  7. Message: Although such letter contains speech regarding personal aspects but more emphasis is given on the official matters.
  8. Legal Status: Such letter also bears legal status like official letter.
  9. Use of Grammar: First person singular or plural is used to write such a letter.
  10. Size: Such letter is usually larger than the official letter.
  11. Copy: Copy of such letter is not distributed generally.
  12. Enclosure: No need to enclose anything with demi-official letter.

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