Demi Official Letter Definition

Demi official letter definition will clear the concept of demi official letter. And it should be clear because it is a very important term in business communication.

Demi government letter or demi official letter definition

In a general word, demi official letter definition is the letter that communicates official correspondence along with personal news is called a demi-official or Demi government letter.

Because of the personal relationship between the sender and receiver, there are topics of personal interest in such a letter. There are no strict official rules to be followed in drafting such a letter.

Persons having the same designation with better personal relations take the advantage of communication through such a letter.

The language, writing style, and presentation system are very much flexible in such a letter and for these reasons, it is practiced widely in the communication world.

Actually, a Demi-official or Demi Government letter is official in purpose but involves some personal affiliation or touch. It is not as formal as the official letter.

Demi Official Letter Definition
Demi Official Letter Definition

When the receiver of an official letter is addressed by name such as Dear Mr. Tahsin, because of such a close relationship, it is a demi-official letter. Some important points regarding the Demi-official letter are noted as under:

  1. It is generally addressed by the name and designation of the person who is supposed to attend to the subject matter of the letter.
  2. Salutation generally starts with ‘My Dear X’ ‘Dear Mr. Y’
  3. The proper method of subscription is ‘Yours sincerely
  4. Such a letter is signed by the officer concerned and not by someone else on behalf of the officer.

Demi official letter is desirable, particularly in the following cases:

  1. When the personal attention of the receiver is needed.
  2. If the subject matter is confidential in nature.
  3. When the matter is urgent and requires quick disposal.

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