Definition and Features of a Private Secretary

A private secretary plays a vital role in a person’s daily routine job. Here is some important topic like the definition of private secretary, the qualities or features of a private secretary.

Definition of Private Secretary

A private secretary is appointed by an individual to assist him in his confidential or personal issues. Basically, any well-known or socially recognized person such as a Doctor, Lawyer, Business Magnet, Film, or sports star appoints a personal or private secretary to help them to perform their routine job, interview, and meeting-related activities.

Definition and Features of a Private Secretary
Definition of a Private Secretary

He needs to be confident and reliable and should maintain the secrecy of all issues of his client. He should be obedient and prompt and required to make his employer updated from time to time.

Qualities or Features of a Private Secretary

A private secretary is appointed to take care of the business of his employer. He needs the following qualities to discharge his responsibility:

Educational Qualification
As the private secretary needs to deal with high officials. He must have a higher education to work for the employer.

Language proficiency
A private secretary maintains correspondence at home and abroad on behalf of his employer. He must be sound in different languages to communicate effectively with different receivers.

Knowledge of shorthand & typing
A private secretary requires to draft various letters for which he needs to take dictation through shorthand and later on transfer it by typing. Therefore he should have knowledge of shorthand and typing.

Knowledge of meeting
A private secretary has to prepare the agenda of a meeting, convene the meeting, arrange a meeting place, and prepare the minutes of the meeting. He should have knowledge regarding all issues of a meeting.

Knowledge in other areas
As the private secretary has to perform a multifold activity, he needs to be familiar with Accounting, Taxation, Laws & Regulations, and current affairs.

The role of a private secretary depends on the activity of his employer. Therefore, the private secretary must have sufficient experience with the nature of the work of the employer.

Psychological knowledge
The private secretary must be able to read the mind of the employee and acts properly to please him. Therefore he must be conscious of the temperament, taste, liking, and attitude of the employer.

As the private secretary performs all the secret activities of his employer, he is supposed to keep all matters confidential.

In addition to the above, the private secretary should be smart, enthusiastic, honest, and punctual to perform his role properly.

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