Recommendation Letter Definition and 8 Importance of Recommendation Letters

Nowadays a letter of recommendation or recommendation letter has a large number of users for the purpose of employment. Here we described the recommendation letter definition and the importance of recommendation letters to make the concept clear.

Recommendation letter definition

A recommendation letter acts as a spokesman.

It basically highlights, the strength of an applicant or employee. It is a letter written by the referee (Third-party) as the request may be made by the applicant itself or by the prospective employer. Such letter deals generally with the following details:

  1. Period of employment;
  2. Qualification of the employee or applicant;
  3. Employee’s competence, attitude, enthusiasm, and loyalty;
  4. Anything special about the employee.

Thus, a letter written to favor an applicant or employee where the request is made by the applicant or the prospective employer can be termed a recommendation letter.

Necessity/Objectives / Importance of Recommendation Letter

In personal, social, and business life, a recommendation letter has an important contribution. The person or organization who lacks opportunity, wants a recommendation to serve the interest. so, such a letter is significant and the objectives behind drafting such a letter are described below:

Importance of Recommendation Letter
Importance of Recommendation Letter

1. Business Advantage: Such a letter helps the bearer to enjoy advantages from a third party. Such advantages may be financial or nonfinancial related to business.

2. Increase solvency: When a person is involved with the business he can earn his bread and can remove insolvency.

3. Better standard of living: Through business activities, one can earn more and can have a better standard of living than before.

4. Employment: A person who was unemployed can able to get new employment in favor of a recommendation letter.

5. Purchasing power: A new job obviously creates purchasing power which helps to solve economic problems.

6. Mutual Cooperation: A recommendation letter helps to develop mutual cooperation between the parties such as the writer, bearer, and receiver.

7. Social Advantage: Through recommendation letters, rich people get the opportunity to contribute to society. As a result social chain builds up.

8. Business Expansion: There is an expansion of business activities because of the letter of recommendation. Such a letter opens the door to knowing each other and helps in developing relationships.

The above objectives are rightly served through a letter of recommendation which helps to develop personal, social, and business chains.

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