How to Write Recommendation Letter (Step by Step Guide)

Though the recommendation letter plays a vital role in employment so everyone should more careful when they write a recommendation letter. We give here some tips step by step on how to write recommendation letter in an effective way.

How to write recommendation letter

A letter of recommendation is very important, it requires special care to draft. The following factors must be considered in how to write a recommendation letter:

How to Write Recommendation Letter
How to Write Recommendation Letter

1. Name and Address: The name and address of the person for whom the recommendation is to be made should be clearly stated.

2. Relation: The relation between the writer and the person enjoying the recommendation should be clearly defined to avoid any sort of confusion.

3. Gratitude: The letter should carry a tone of gratitude from the writer for helping the applicant or bearer.

4. Nature of Advantage: The type or nature of advantage to be provided to the applicant or bearer should be properly mentioned in such a letter.

5. Language: The language of such a letter should be courteous, friendly, and cooperative. The attitude of writing must be polite and calm.

6. Honor: There should be an honor to be placed all the time by the writer so that receiver can realize it properly.

7. Coordination: The structure of the letter must be made in such a fashion that calls for coordination but no pressure at all.

8. Quality: The quality of the person (bearer or applicant) must be introduced in a positive way that can attract the receiver.

9. Acknowledgment of Qualification: If the applicant or bearer is given any sort of advantage or benefit, then it will be rewarding the right person. Such a thing should be made understandable to the receiver.

10. Promise: At last, Sender or writer will promise to provide the same coordination or help, if needed in the future, to the receiver.

If a letter of recommendation is drafted considering the above factors then it is expected to bring better fruit.

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