Types of Communication (Formal and Informal Communication)

Before knowing the types of communication let’s know what is communication first. Communication is one kind of activity of exchanging messages by reading, writing, speaking, listing, gesture, behavior, etc. We are motionless without communication.

There are different kinds/types of communication depending on their nature or behavior. Detail discussion about types of communication given below:

Types of Communication

Different types of the communication system are found in different kinds of the types of communication differ from Organization to Organization depending upon the nature of the information to be communicated and the purpose of Communication mainly takes the form of

  1. Formal Communication and
  2. Informal Communication

Formal communication follows the chain and command. It consists of downward communication, upward communication, and horizontal communication.

Many communication scholars view the types of communication basing on the direction of flow of the message only and as such they classify communication to be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. Different types of communications are shown in the following graph.

Different kinds Types of Communication

The image given above about types of communication will give you at a glance idea about kinds of communication. To see a large view click on the image.

Firstly we can differentiate communication into three

Types of communication

  1. On the basis of expression / Method / Media
  2. On the basis of the flow of Information
  3. On the basis of Organizational Relationship

On the basis of expression / Method / Media

we can differentiate communication into two types which are discussed below:

Verbal Communication
Verbal communication is a communication process that uses both oral and written to communicate like chatting with a friend on the internet, send SMS to anyone by mobile phone all of them are nothing but verbal communication.

Non-Verbal Communication
This kind of communication doesn’t use the oral or written process to communicate. It uses some symbol some of them we mention below

  • When we are on the road we see some arrow-like go left or go right
  • In someplace there is a symbol which means no smoking

Verbal Communication can be differentiated into two

Oral Communication
From the name of this communication type, we can understand which communication process uses an only oral method that is known as oral communication.

Written Communication
It is the same above which communication process use only has written method to communicate that is known as written communication.

Non-Verbal Communication has six kinds

Visual Communication
Which communication process uses photography, graphics design, illustration, fine art, multimedia, etc to communicate that is known as visual communication.

Audio Method Communication
Communication that uses an audio method to communicate that is commonly known as audio method communication.

Audio-Visual Communication
This kind of communication uses both audio and picture to communicate. It can be used with oral and written communication. It is mainly used in television advertisements.

Gesture Communication
In our day-to-day life, we make various gestures to communicate and that kind of communication is known as gesture communication.

Passive Communication
This kind of communication is the most likely gesture communication difference is gesture is made to communicate properly but passive communication is done for avoiding some communication.

Communication through action
Which kind of communication precedes its communication process through action which is known as communication through action.

On the basis of the flow of Information

Communication can be divided into three

Horizontal Communication
David. H. Molt said that “Horizontal communication is the process of exchanging information between peers at any organization level usually to coordinate activates”.

Vertical Communication
When communication made between superior to subordinate or subordinate to superior is known as vertical communication.

Crosswise Communication
Crosswise communication doesn’t follow something like upward or downward communication in this communication process any person of any position can communicate with another person of any position.

Again vertical communication can be divided into two

Upward Communication
Communication is done between subordinates to superiors and that is known as upward communication.

Downward Communication
This is just the opposite of upward communication. Communication made superior to subordinates.

On the basis of Organizational Relationship

Communication can be divided into two

Formal Communication
Formal communication may be a verbal or written presentation which maintains some certain rules and regulation.

Informal Communication
Informal communication is one kind of causal communication which does not need to follow any rules and regulation.

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