Which One is More Acceptable between Oral and Written Communication?

Oral and written are the two separate types of communication in the area of communication. In some cases, an oral method is found to be suitable, while in other cases written method becomes important. One is more acceptable between oral and written communication? It depends on the nature, size, and needs of the organization.

The following discussions will support that which one is more acceptable


Which One is More Acceptable between Oral and Written Communication

1. Immediate Response: If an immediate response from then the receiver is expected the oral communication can serve the purpose properly.

2. The number of employees: When the number of employees is comparatively less, the sender of the message can directly communicate with all employees. This will also involve less time. In such a situation, oral communication is more effective.

3. Importance of time: Time is important all the time and every condition. Normally written communication takes more time. So, we can use oral communication when we need quick communication.

4. Labor Management Relation: If there is any dispute between labor and management then such dispute can be settled through the help of oral communication.

5. Nature of Receiver: If our receiver is illiterate in that case we should use oral communication because written communication is meaningless there.

6. Subject Matter: When the subject is very important like policy, programs, procedures, and instruction there should use written communication.

7. Distance: Oral communication is easier if the sender and receiver are close to each other. But if both are residing in different places then written communication will prove to be a better one.

8. Use as Evidence: Written communication can be used as a piece of evidence for future reference or it has legal acceptability. Whereas oral communication cannot be used as legal evidence.

9. Direct relation: Oral communication is very much suitable to develop intimacy or relation between two persons, On the contrary, written communication is not significant like oral one to build relation.

The above discussion clearly states that the need for oral or written communication is subject to consideration of specific situations or circumstances. Any single method of communication cannot serve the whole purpose and therefore the uses of both methods are suggested.

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