10 Tips for Interviewer’s Preparation for the Interview

Undoubtedly interview carries huge value for the organization because through this process an organization finds its manpower and manpower is the lifeblood of an organization. So, the interviewer’s preparation for the interview is very important because he will make the decision regarding the selection of interviewees.

Interviewer’s preparation for the interview

An interviewer must have prepared to hold an interview properly. He should have the following preparation:

1. The interviewer should have a clear idea about the company profile and about the nature of the job for which the interview is to be held.

2. The interviewer should know the type of personality, character, or temperament of the candidate required for the job.

3. The interview letter reaches well in advance so that the candidates are not disadvantaged and they also can get sufficient time to prepare themselves for the interview.

4. The interviewer should clearly mention in the interview letter the necessary documents the candidates must bring with them.

5. The interviewer should make a proper seating arrangement for the candidates in the waiting room.

Interviewer's preparation for the interview
Interviewer’s preparation for the interview

6. The interview should be conducted in a quiet and noise-free room. The interviewer must ensure a congenial atmosphere for conducting the interview.

7. If the candidate is to be interviewed by a committee, each member of the committee should be given a copy of the bio-data of the candidate. It will help to reduce confusion and waste of time.

8. The interviewer should decide beforehand which member of the committee will initiate the interview and from which side or area. The members of the committee should be divided into different areas according to their specialization.

9. The interviewer must supply a number sheet to each member of the interview board so that they can do marking easily.

10. The interviewer should provide the necessary mechanical and logistics support to conduct the interview smoothly.

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