Types of Meetings and its Definition and Purposes

There are different types of meetings which are called on different occasions. The following is common types of meetings:

Types of Meetings

  1. Formal meeting: When any meeting is arranged by following official formalities, rules and decorum then it is called formal meeting.
  2. Informal meeting: When any meeting is arranged without maintaining official rules and regulation, it is called informal meeting. Such meeting can be called upon by giving short notice using informal media. This type of meeting is very common in the workplace.
  3. Private meeting: Private meeting is called for discussing confidential and restricted issues where general people have prohibition to access. Only selected people are allowed to attend the meeting.
  4. Public meeting: When meeting is held in a public place to discuss issues regarding public interests, it is called public meeting. Here, general people are cordially invited.
  5. Company meeting: When a meeting is called by the general manager, director or secretary (Who has power of attorney) of a company to discuss issues or affairs of a company, it is called company meeting, e.g. Annual general meeting. Statutory meeting, Directors’ meeting which are required to be called by abiding company law.
  6. Committee meeting: When the chief of the committee calls a meeting on certain issues for which the committee is formed, it is called committee meeting. Only members of the committee can take part in such meeting.

Types of meetings

Meeting change its nature, duration and people according to its types so types of meetings are very important.

Definition of Meeting

In common word a meeting is an assembly of two or more people for reaching a decision through discussion. It is one of the major media of oral communication.

According to Oxford Dictionary “A meeting is an occasion when people come to gather to discuss or decide something”

A meeting is held to take decision on a particular issue or on a matter of common interest. In case of joint stock Company, statutory meeting and Annual general meeting is must.

Other business enterprises arrange meeting to discharge their business activities. All the members of the meeting discuss freely the specified subject matter or issue and come to a decision at the end.

Therefore, a meeting is an oral media of communication where people gather to discuss any issue of interest and finally take some decisions.

Purposes of Meetings

A meeting is called to discuss various issues of interest. Such issues vary considering the purpose of an entity or concern. The following is the general purposes to call a meeting.

  1. Meeting is held to notify the vision, mission or objective of any organization.
  2. Meeting is called to announce the performance or progress of any activity or work.
  3. Meeting is held for reviewing the progress of any project or program.
  4. Meeting is called to share dialogue with the members of the organization or with the people of a society.
  5. Meeting is held to announce any innovation, development or changes related to product, service or activities.
  6. Meeting are called to celebrate any success and to share the achievement with the members who are entitled.

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